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  • Clairvoyant

  • Lost Loved One

  • Relationships

  •  Family Matters

  •  LGBT Friendly 

  • Pet Readings

* Call $2.25/Min            *Chat $2.75/Min

About Psychic Medium Jesse :

I am a medium, healer, and a spiritual advisor. Since the age of 5, I have had the gift of being able to communicate with the spirit world and give divine messages with accuracy. I pride myself on being honest, having integrity, and giving you only messages that are from your spirit guides or passed loved ones. I will not sugar coat any messages. Too much sugar is not good for your soul. I will provide you with messages that help you grow and will guide you to be the best version of yourself with the aid of both my spirit guides and that of your own. What is troubling you today? Let’s talk and get you on your path to healing.


Sundays : 2pm-9pm est