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About Daniel Louise:

After thirty years and more of experience in the world of the paranormal, in the study, reading and interpretation of the Tarot I can have the skill, the knowledge to help you see beyond and overcome your difficulties and problems in your life to regain your harmony. in your spirit and your happiness. In my reading with you via chat or telephone I want to advise you in the best way, I want to give you the right advice so that you can understand if your relationship with your partner can work, if yours or. Your partner truly loves you if your marriage goes on. When you can meet a new partner in love or give you the best advice regarding your job, your career. I do not only deal with tarot reading but in my psychic readings I distinguish myself for my ability to connect with the entity, the energies that advise me to give you the right answer to your question. I am also Medium because I have had in the path of my life and experience valid teachings from those who were a master and who wanted to teach me and increase my gift or ability as a Medium, for their teaching I have to thank these masters, because they helped me to open the my mind and my soul to an invisible and immensely powerful world. I can see if you have a negativity or who may have been giving you this negativity that blocks your life. I can eliminate these negative energies and give you back your balance and your desire to conquer your success and your happiness. If you are reading these words it means that fate has brought you here because they are your right path to get your new balance and to find yourself in a completely different scenario of your life, where you will be the center of attention. I wait for you contact me.



My experience in the world of the paranormal began at the age of fifteen, when I perceived the words and sounds that came from the other dimension from entities and places suspended in time. In my past I have followed Reiki energy paths, lessons in mediumship and energetic or angelic connection. Mediumistic conferences, behavioral psychological study, couple psychology, social and work relationships. In my past I had television experiences in the psychic and cartomancy sector on behalf of companies for which I worked. I have also always had the opportunity to have face to face consultations with the client but I have also had experiences of psychic reading and fortune teller by phone and then by chat. I have always deepened my psychic skills and knowledge by participating in conferences and communities of mediumistic study.