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About Rose: Premium Advisor 

Rose  asks for your first name, question, and/or area of focus to begin. The more specific your question, the more specific the answers you will receive. An intuitive life coach and holistic mystic, she excels at guiding seekers toward advancing their own intuitive gifts and grasping their own power. Rose is also a medium who channels the Archangels! Reading professionally for over 40 years, she concentrates on helping others grow to their full potential. Rose Mary says, "I am a conscious channel, and I speak the words directly. Let me know if you understand what is being said before we move on. I see hear, feel, and just know. I want you to feel like part of the process so you can strengthen your own power and gifts as we speak." She loves to spread the joy of self-empowerment! Rose Mary feels that if you take time for self-development that all other areas will fall into place. As you realize who you really are, any challenge can be met! A New Thought Minister who studied the 


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