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When Will We Know It's Our Soulmate?

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What exactly is a soulmate?

For most of us, the general consensus of a soulmate is that one special person who is destined to be in our lives forever. Typically, our relationship with this person is of a romantic nature, with their presence adding incredible blessings to our lives when we need it most. Some even believe that soulmates in our current lives are individuals who we have also held a deep connection with us in past lives. These destined lovers seemingly appear out of the blue and we usually experience an instant and overwhelming reaction upon meeting. However, soulmates may also take the form of friends or family members who we feel an intense, inexplicable affinity to. While the type of love we experience for our soulmates may vary, the magnitude of it is always incredibly profound. Ultimately, a soulmate is a person that the universe has placed in our lives intentionally and our connection with them is remarkable.

Do we all have a soulmate?

Yes, we do. Some of us may only ever meet one soulmate in a lifetime, while some may seem to attract them on a regular basis. Some may even go decades without experiencing that special connection and feel as if the universe has forgotten to add them to the lovers waiting list. Regardless of past experiences or destiny, we have far more control in this than we might believe.

Being bitter, shallow or generally disagreeable will undoubtedly make the process of finding our soulmate far harder than it needs to be. Now that’s not to say we have to be completely faultless in order to find our soulmate, but it is important that we remember that the energy we put out towards the universe is served back to us in some shape or form. It is easy to believe that we are only fully complete once our soulmate lands before us, leading us into complacency and other self-destructive attitudes - simply sitting back and waiting for fate to take its course is definitely the wrong approach. With this in mind, it is useful to aid the work of the universe by embarking on a spot of self-improvement. If we all worked to achieve self-love, humility and an open-minded attitude, we will not only help make the world a better place, but we will also improve our odds of finding our other half. We cannot truly love others if we cannot find love for ourselves.

Now that we know exactly what soulmates are and how we can best attract them into our lives, we can start to look out for the signs that suggest we’ve found that special person. Listed below are 10 signs to look out for that indicate we have found our soulmate.

1. ‘I can’t explain it!’

We’ve all heard this phrase many times, or even said it ourselves. But an unexplainable and lingering feeling towards a person is possibly the most sure-fire way to figure out if a romantic interest runs a little deeper than the rest. Whether it is the physical reaction we get when in their presence, or the number of times they enter our minds in a single day, sometimes we simply know that this person is meant to be in our lives.

2. You finish each other’s sentences

This may also sound like a Hollywood cliché, but when two people have been placed together by the universe, funny little events such as these are likely to occur. Even in a less literal sense, when you and your partner seem to just ‘get’ each other, you can be confident that there is something a little extra special about your partnership.

3. They are your other half

While it is true that we must work on ourselves before expecting the most from the universe, a soulmate becomes starkly apparent when you notice that your strengths and weaknesses balance well between one another. For instance, one partner’s stubbornness may be remedied by the other’s relaxed and flexible outlook on life. When you find you are learning how to better yourself through the help of your lover, that’s when you know they are ‘the one’.

4. Déjà vu

It is commonly believed that our soulmates are differentiated from other loved ones as they have existed alongside us previously in a past life. Now this particular sign may not be overtly obvious, but feelings of déjà vu or inexplicable feelings of familiarity are a good indication that this is the case. Taking this a step further, a trip to a past life regression specialist will certainly clarify whether or not you and your loved one go further back than you first thought!

5. You love them at their best and worst

All relationships will experience periods of highs and lows. These swings are necessary for you both to truly appreciate when times are at their best and they are indicative of a purposeful partnership. Being able to accept, or even admire your partner’s flaws is a great sign that they are supposed to stick around for a long time.

6. You feel safe and protected

A partnership with a true soulmate should involve both parties allowing complete vulnerability with one another. Holding up walls or being guarded with your emotions prevents a deep, everlasting connection and probably suggests that you and your partner aren’t meant to be. Similarly, a soulmate will ensure that you feel completely safe and protected in these moments of vulnerability

7. It’s the two of you against the world

All of us will experience major challenges and setbacks as we go through life. When these occur, the way in which our partner responds is a tell-tale sign as to whether or not they are truly our soulmates. If your partner joins you in an attempt to tackle the challenge head on, and supports you throughout, you can be sure that they hold a very special place in your life.

8. You value your alone time

Although our soulmates have the most profound impact on our life, we are also able to appreciate our time apart from them. This is because a deeply meaningful connection with someone is a connection free from agitation and jealousy. When you are both supportive of the other taking up separate interests or spending time with other people, you and your partner become well and truly soulmates.

9. Life wouldn’t be the same without them

A soulmate is someone you can't imagine life without. This may sound obvious of all relationships, soulmates or not, yet the reality of this is often not quite as it seems. If you can picture you and your partner at your lowest possible moments and remain unfazed by this, this is a good indication that the universe intentionally sent them your way.

10. Apologizing is easy

Knowing when and how to apologize for any hurt caused is a sign of a loving soulmate. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, sometimes at the expense of the ones we love the most. However, owning up to these mistakes and taking accountability shows that your partner has your best interests at heart and doesn’t hold their pride above the quality of your relationship.

While it is great to look for the key signs that suggest our soulmates have already entered our lives, it is important that we don’t place too much pressure on ourselves. Many people will come and go from our lives and they all hold a special place, regardless of whether or not our experience with them was positive. Not all relationships with those who aren’t our true soulmates need to be rejected in favour of searching for greater things - these relationships are useful in teaching us many lessons about not only other people, but also ourselves and our true character. When these relationships eventually come to an end, we can then turn our attention to seeking out our other half.

We must have faith in what the universe has in store for us and maintain patience when we aren’t witnessing results fast enough. Despite this, we must utilize whatever autonomy we do have and make sure to continue working on our own self-improvement all the while. The universe will not reward those of us with negative energies and a reluctant outlook in regard to finding true love, but rather it will reward those of us with an open mind and a heart ready to accept our destined soulmates.

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