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What Not To Do During A Reading

Believe me, I love reading for people. After all, that's my calling.

Everyone has a very interesting story and a very valid set of questions to ask.

However, there are sometimes we don't realize that our everyday activities translate over the phone and I can hear every bit and piece perfectly...and it interrupts the frequencies for the reading and makes it very difficult to navigate the cards.

If you want the best reading possible, here's a list of what not to do during your reading.

  • Using the microwave

  • Eating during your reading

  • Interacting with family or animals (Okay, sometimes it is necessary)

  • Using speakerphone

  • Using Bluetooth in a car (Again, sometimes necessary)

  • Doing dishes or loading the dishwasher

  • Playing loud music

  • A loud TV in the background

If this gives an idea of what happens, use your imagination. I love the fact that people are so comfortable with me they feel they can "carry on". But, from my end, it is very distracting and most times the focus turns on what is happening rather than what will happen.

One more to add to the list is very interesting and, yes, it does happen...

  • Using the water closet (bathroom, lavatory, restroom, whatever it is you call it...)

I'm pretty sure by now I've made my point. (If you're asking, "who would do such a thing?" believe me, you would be surprised!)

Zelda Kelly

Be Brave, Be Blessed and Be Bold

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