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What Is Deja vu ?

Déjà vu is a beautiful glimpse into the depths of your soul and an indicator of a previous life, or precognitive experience.

When it happens, it’s a signal to pay attention! Whether your déjà vu triggers a memory from a past life, reminds you of a precognitive dream, signifies a timeline shift, or if it carries a direct message from your highest divine self…

Deja vu is a sign to pay attention in the present moment, as something significant is happening!

Perhaps you’re being given an opportunity learn a key lesson, experience completion in some way, or shift into greater alignment with your highest light.

Of course, you have to be aware enough to notice!

When you begin to pay attention to déjà vu as a message from your divine self, there is a great deal of emotional healing that can occur. Your subconscious is relaying messages to your conscious mind in the form of these ‘already seen’ moment or memories. It’s easy to dismiss them as coincidence. But when we do, we miss their spiritual significance.

Next time you experience déjà vu, stop, and consider that the synchronicity of such a moment is rare, and therefore special. It’s a feeling of familiarity that is letting you know that you are exactly where you need to be.

Think of déjà vu as a signpost that you are on the right spiritual path.

What is its Purpose?

Déjà vu serves as a marker between past lives or premonitions and our current life. The markers are reminders that can be signaling many things:

You are currently repeating an action from a past life

There are past life experiences and soul aspects you're able to now heal and integrate

You have experience with whatever is happening at this moment

You are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people

You’ve just experienced a timeline shift

You have the support of your spirit team and angels as well as the wisdom and knowledge needed to be here on Earth now.

It is your responsibility to interpret the message at the moment of déjà vu. Is it a marker for change in your life? Validation of the direction you’re heading?

Just remember, your soul planned this repeat moment just for you. The divine is supporting you and wants you to decode the message.

Just having the awareness of a past memory can open a window to your higher self.

Each experience of déjà vu is an opportunity to increase your understanding and connection to higher consciousness. Simply put, it’s your soul connecting with your physical self on a deeper level. Often, when viewed this way, déjà vu helps you see life more clearly. It can even guide your decisions, heal emotional wounds, and unblock patterns.

We learn from our history. Why not learn from the history of a past life? This mysterious sign has come to you from your angels, ancestors, and guides. They’ve chosen it for you, now, in this life, to guide you and support you.

What If You've Never Had Déjà vu!?

Even if you've never experienced deva vu, this doesn’t mean that this is your first life. Every being has already had multiple lives here on Earth and in the spirit realm. If you’ve never experienced déjà vu, it means that your angels and guides didn’t arrange for this kind of reminder or marker during this particular journey .

Let this be your motivation to look in other areas where your signs ARE coming from.

Rest assured, no being is here alone. You have a team dedicated to your soul’s journey. They are talking to you in some other way. For you, now, other markers make more sense. In fact, if you stop now and think, you’re likely to realize where your markers have been coming from. Other coincidences, synchronicities, epiphanies, life-changing events, and a-ha moments.

Be Boundary-Less

Your spirit knows no boundaries, even though your physical body does. Your spirit experiences so many things simultaneously and on so many different levels. The mind can’t always grasp this – thus that uncanny feeling. Experiment with déjà vu. Let it be a window, less space that is your source.

What does it mean when you have Deja Vu a lot?

Experiencing frequent feelings of Deja Vu is not a bad thing– so don’t worry if you constantly feel like you’ve “already been here”! There are a few spiritual explanations to why you may experience Deja Vu often.

For one, frequent Deja Vu can simply mean that you’re on the right track and following your soul’s divine path! You laid your own path out in front of you before you were born, and you’re now making your way through that maze with the help of your spirit guides. Feeling Deja Vu is similar to seeing angel numbers (repeating numbers like 111 or 222). It’s a nod from the universe, encouraging you, reminding you that you’re doing great.

Secondly, Deja Vu can be a positive symptom of heightened intuition and a blossoming crown and third eye chakra. When your intuition is strengthened, you’re better able to see past lives and to have clairvoyant “visions”; thus, it makes sense that Deja Vu may happen more regularly.

Summing it up

If you experience Deja Vu often, remember not to worry! Rather, next time you experience this uncanny feeling, send a prayer up to both your spirit guides and your ancestors, thanking them for subtly guiding you along your path.

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