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Welcome and who is Anne?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I am Angel Anne with Ext 16 and a Premium Advisor at

Call: 1(888) 695-5239 or find me at . I take Phone Calls and Text Chats.

I want to give you a moment to get to know me better … so who is Anne?

I am a Professional Tarot & Angel Card Reader, an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, an Assertiveness Coach, a Reiki Healer and an Angel Practitioner through the IAAP (which stands for International Association of Angel Practitioners)

I work with Tarot, Angel Cards, Pendulums, my Psychic & Intuitive gifts and abilities in combination to bring you as clear answers as I possibly can. There are some other tools I use occasionally and in the spiritual world, there are quite a few tools for us to use.

I have done thousands of Professional Readings over the years, and I have worked with clients from all over the Globe. I speak English, Swedish (native) and Greek.

I can help you get clarity in your current life situation, see where you are going, help you understand what new choices can mean and coach you through a spiritual approach. No question is too big or small! "If it's important to you, it's important to me." That is my motto and belief.

What can you expect of a reading?

A reading provides a "scan" of the current energies surrounding you and your question

at this moment in time. You can only make choices for yourself but not for another person since we all are governed by free will and that is how it should be.

I provide guidance for you on your path forward but cannot promise that there will be a specific event or matters coming in the future, simply because what will come is going to be energetically connected to choices you make in the present moment. So, that is up to YOU and others who may be involved.

I can help you see different possibilities, give prognosis and advice in situations of choices, but I cannot make decisions for you. I trust the inherent power and ability of all people to influence and control their future. The future is changeable, I do not give predictions that are cast in stone, but I can analyse opportunities and obstacles.

I will meet you with warmth and respect and I am looking forward to talk to YOU.

Connect with Angel Anne Ext 16 Premium Advisor at

Call: 1(888) 695-5239 or find me at I take Phone Calls and Text Chats.

I intend to show up here with some blogs about the soul to start with, so keep your eyes open for the next blog from me that I hope you will find very interesting.

Love, Light, Peace, Joy & Abundance to YOU

See YOU Soon!

Angel Anne Ext 16

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