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Tonight Is The Strawberry Super Moon

The strawberry moon is in the sign of Capricorn which highlights authority and our need to get organised and take things more seriously.

‘As the moon is full and large, so are the themes around the sign and they can become too much and cause extra challenges, which is how we come to recognise the excitement and stress around full moons.

‘A Capricorn full moon can bring on overwhelming feelings of having to achieve goals, make important decisions and perhaps make us feel oppressed by the rules we have to follow, the work environment or even our boss.

‘As Capricorn represents heavy authority and restriction, the Strawberry Super Moon will emphasise how people are feeling the unfairness of the harsh guidelines imposed for lockdown, when we all expected to be free by now.’

Have some perspective

Venus and Vesta tells us that, ‘Capricorn can feel heavy but we must remember that his actions are often for our own good.’

Perhaps you feel out of control or like you’re being guided by forces you don’t recognise. That’s fine, but you need to avoid catastrophising and trying to regain that control.

‘It is always better to go with the energy of a full moon rather than against it,’ adds Venus and Vesta.

‘Use this sapricorn surge to organise our lives, get serious and confident about difficult situations and plan how we can transform them, in order to get the best out of this Strawberry Moon.’

Rest and fuel your body ‘Full moons are known to be psychically and mentally draining, so no matter your sleep schedule, we all will be feeling exhausted,’ says Inbaal ‘Take some time across the next three days of the full moon to be totally still. Sit or lay motionless for at least ten minutes – and do nothing. Don’t scroll, don’t speak, don’t even meditate. Just be aware that your body isn’t moving. This is when healing happens. ‘Another way to combat the side effects of enlightenment caused by a full moon is to make a point of nourishing yourself, so that you have the strength to stay on top of things. Focus on incorporating fresh, raw, vegetarian ingredients into your diet over this time.’ Be at one with nature ‘There is nothing more calming than the natural world and at a time when our emotions are running wild, stopping for a minute and enjoying the surroundings of a natural space will be nothing but positive. ‘Stare at the moon, go on a walk or go for a swim at a time where bodies of water are at their peak energy.’ Beware your crushes right now As well as the supermoon itself, Venus and Vesta states that there are other things to take into account, including venus in cancer opposing pluto in capricorn. She says: ‘Venus in cancer will want us to feel every emotion and we could get quite sentimental about situations which we would normally shrug off. ‘When she opposes pluto like this, these feelings can become even more intense and instant attractions to inappropriate people are more likely. ‘Romances started on a Venus opposition to Pluto and on a full moon can often end in situations where one person is manipulated into a tight corner, not of their liking, and obsessive fascinations can end or begin.’ Venus and Vesta explains that there will be amplified feelings of ‘power games’ due to venus, while pluto’s intensifies people’s magnetic pull. Avoid falling too hard, or too fast.

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