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The King Of Hearts

Did you know?

The King Of Hearts usually represents a male lover. A lover to come in or a lover that may be going out of your relationship. Either way, it's interesting to see that the King of Hearts is the only one of the Kings represented by the four suits that have both hands showing. Each of the other Kings has one hand hidden.

Therefore, the King Of Hearts has a "lover" mentality as he is "all hands".

You get the picture.

But, wait...there's more...

If you'll notice, the King of Hearts has a dagger pointed to his head by his left hand. The King of Hearts is sometimes referred to as "The Suicide King". Why? Because he can represent a person that is his own worst enemy in love. Or, a person that sabotages love and relationships or just plain unlucky in love.

Bet you never saw that before. It's a darker meaning but given the right position with other cards can tell whether he will recover or will continue until he learns a lesson.

It does not mean the death of a person.

However, it can mean the death of a love affair, relationship, or situation that this King is involved with.

Astrologically, this King also represents a Water Sign male.

This is where the surrounding cards will help to dictate the true meaning...and force of our friend, The King Of Hearts. I'll also bet right now, you're thinking of that "certain male" that fits this description. Yes, we've all known him one time or another in our lifetime.

I am Zelda Kelly

Be brave and be blessed!

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