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The Joker Card In Cartomancy

Some people ask me if I use the entire deck of cards when reading. This is a great question. There are many types and styles of layouts. For me, it depends on the reading and how much time I have to seek answers.

In some layouts, all cards are used, in others, it can be as little as five. Any way it is done, it starts the beginning of the reading and sets the pace for the time the Inquirer has with me.

More importantly, whether I remove cards or not, I always keep the two Joker cards in the reading.

Why? You will notice that in a deck of cards with two Jokers, there will be one that is more detailed than the other. This is to distinguish the strength and differences of the cards.

For example:

One Joker in my deck is in full color. He is ornate and beautiful and can look like a trickster sometimes. He tells me that there are "Surprises and Revelations" about to come to the Inquirer and the surrounding cards will tell if this information is good...or, rather, not so good.

But, the other Joker -- he has a darker more sinister way of looking. He is in black and white. No color whatsoever. It's "cut and dried" information. He tells me that "There are deep, hidden things as well as secrets" being kept from the Inquirer. This normally is not a good card. However, I'm always one to say that being, "Forewarned is forearmed". I say it is good to be aware and at least know what may lie ahead. The surrounding cards will dictate the severity of the situation.

So the next time you see a Joker in the deck...think about what he really means and if you're an Inquirer, what "Joker" is in your life that you need to know more about.

I am Zelda Kelly

Be brave and be blessed

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