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Start Loving Your Job Again

Discovering how to find a job you love or coming up with work motivation can be stressful, especially if you aren’t happy on your current path. But that’s where we come in - we are committed to working with our clients for the betterment of society, assisting you in career progression and personal growth, ultimately allowing you to fall in love with your job again. To speak to one of our Psychics Secrets readers, please visit here.

1. Set inspirational goals for yourself

Think about your career ambitions and your career aspirations - where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Work with your supervisor to come up with some achievable and inspirational goals for yourself.

Achievable goals might include developing key skills and soft skills at the company, gaining valuable experience as you do so. These goals should be measurable and realistic so you can clearly see your development.

However, it is also important to have a dream life - something inspiring that you can work towards in the long term. This doesn’t need to be the biggest decision you have ever made, just something you can look forward to.

2. Change things you can control (and let go of the things you can’t)

A positive mental attitude can go a long way towards making your job more fun. Make some positive changes in your working habits, such as thanking people for their help and being a genuinely caring person.

However, it is important to remember that you can’t change everything, no matter what drastic decisions you make. For example, if you have no choice but to be in a certain job, such as bar work, don’t fret! Bartending experience is extremely useful and transferable - it can be the ultimate work experience if you just flip your perspective.

3. Take regular holidays

All blogs and books on career satisfaction will tell you the same thing - it's all about getting a good work-life balance. Your employer offers a holiday entitlement or annual leave for a reason, so make sure you take advantage of it all.

People who take regular holidays are typically happier and have more energy, after giving themselves time to decompress from the daily grind. Due to this, taking holidays can actually boost job satisfaction and productivity.

Most importantly, taking breaks ensures that you won’t suffer from burnout - one of the most common reasons why people are unhappy in their job.

4. Take time to understand what you love to do

Figure out what it is that you love about your job. Even the most amazing careers will have parts that are more interesting than others. Once you understand what it is that you love, you will be able to take steps to do more of these things.

5. Delegate mindless tasks

In order to do more of what you love, delegate the tasks that you don’t enjoy quite as much. However, don’t be tempted to give away all your horrible tasks to someone else! Use this as a learning opportunity to teach someone new some essential transferable skills by giving you a hand.

6. Ask for help

If you are ever struggling with your workload or motivation, don’t be afraid to approach people and ask for help. Communication skills are vital in every business, so use them! Ask coworkers, supervisors, or your manager for help - be it with your workload or emotional stresses.

Our psychics and clairvoyants are also available to offer spiritual support, advice, and shed light on stressful situations. Our experts work with a range of mediums such as tarot, runes, tea leaves, light, and empathic abilities.

7. Cultivate a support network

Sometimes it is not the work that is the problem with your job, but the atmosphere in the office. Make the effort to talk to current employees, new or old, cultivating a supportive and friendly company culture. Not only can this allow you to enjoy your job more, but it could also positively impact the life of other employees.

8. Give your workspace a makeover

Give yourself a workspace that looks like it has come from an amazing dream! A workspace you love will exude positive energies, helping you to fall in love with your job all over again.

9. Work mindfully

Be present, and be aware of those around you. Shift your perspective, focussing on your thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them, and calmly think of a practical solution with even breaths. Consider how your job affects people around you in the grand scheme of things and recognise your value to society.

10. Remember why you went for the job in the first place

The company that you work for would not have hired you if you weren’t right for the job - that would have just been a bad hiring decision! - nor would you have applied for the job during your job search if you weren’t, for some reason, interested.

Take a moment to reflect on why you chose this job over all the others. What was it that drew you to this career during the job search process? Perhaps it was company achievements or comfortable employees. Remember what it was that initially attracted you to your current role.

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