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Spiritual Advice by Angel Anne - How to Maintain and Keep Your Energy Clear

Updated: Jan 23

When you embark on the spiritual path, you may be sensitive and have psychic gifts but not really understanding how the spiritual side of life functions. This path is a true blessing but there is also many things that are good to know. Of course this is going to be general advice and we are all unique and therefore have unique experiences. I will try my best to express usual circumstances, situations and what you can encounter on this path.

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How to Maintain and Keep Your Energy Clear

You take good care of your psychical body and have daily routines you do. It most likely haven't dawn on you that it is equally important to take care of your energy.

Simply explained, you are made of four bodies, even though there are many more bodies connected spiritually, but that is for another time. You are made of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and you carry energies in all of them.

Because you naturally create and exchange energies all the time, it is vital to clear your energies just like you take that shower or brush your teeth. Every time you interact with people or go through circumstances in your life, meaning living life itself, you get energies attached to you or you attach to someone.

These energies normally dissipate and go away once you leave the situation or person. I see them as energetic cords. They come and go. However, there can also remain and build up until they become really thick. This is when you start to feel drained of energy.

It is mostly not a conscious act from others or you to attach energetic cords on someone, but it is something that is common. Remember that this is our natural way of interacting with each other and these cords usually dissipate by themselves. All is energy anyway so you need to learn how to work with or understand the energies at a simple level. It is a choice of yours but I strongly recommend it.

The benefits of starting to practice this on a daily basis are tremendous and it is preferable that you practice clearing your energies, cutting cords and connecting to Divine Source (however you want to express that), the Angels, the Ascended Masters, your Spiritual Guides and Helpers and/or anyone else depending on how you want to express this.

Here is a suggestion for you and you don't need to either go into deep meditation for this or feel that you have to be at a certain place. You can do it wherever you are and it takes just a min or two.

Call upon Divine Source and all else you want to include, see how strong, thick roots go down from your feet into Mother Earth, ask Archangel Michael to help you cut cords in all existens of time and space. Ask for Divine Creator substance to be placed in any empty space where the cord cutting have taken place for yourself and what ever is appropriate for others. For the highest good of all involved, thank you, thank you, thank you.

As mentioned, the benefits os doing this regularly are great and if you have some sort of challenge or tension in your life, doing this will help you see a shift happen. Usually within the time frame of 21 days as energies take time to settle just like habits in our physical world.

Practicing this is not a quick fix, but a process that takes a tiny little effort from you but can make a huge difference for yourself. Know that the cords that will be cut is only those who don't belong to you and that are interfering with your own energies. People and connections that are in your life will not be affected, only the negatively interfering energies surrounding you and others.

It is also best to not specify people or circumstances simply because there may be other underlying matters that you may yet not be aware of. I can promise that Archangel Michael is fully aware and only cuts the energies that are not supposed to be.

Thank you for watching "Spiritual Advice by Angel Anne". See You Next Week with Another Advice

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Love & Light Angel Anne Ext 16

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