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Reality Mirror

You are connected to all things in the web of life, because everything comes from the same origin point. The same primal, unfathomable energy. In this reality, the energy of the single unified consciousness expresses itself through fractalizations. These fractalizations are the humans, plants, animals, rocks, storms, elements, and invisible forces. Even though these things all seem as though they are separate from a certain perspective, they are in fact connected. Connected on many levels. This starts to become apparent and experienced once you reach a certain level of sensitivity.

At this stage, you begin to feel all things. You begin to feel the emotions of other people, the energy of the planet, and much more. And the only way you could begin to feel these things is if the connections exist. The majority of these connections are invisible, but nature shows us the observable connections as well. The fungi channels and soil microorganisms that work together to create a healthy ecosystem, all parts working together and synthesizing something greater. This shows what harmonious connections create.

These kinds of connections serve to feed and grow the whole of creation, there is interdependence between all fractalized parts. We live in a world where the connections, both physical and energetic, are overlooked by many. Due to this, many people believe the connections don’t exist, and on top of that there has been a deep entrenchment into scientific dogma that supports this. This is what yields parasitism and vampirism. When there is an unawareness of the connectedness of all life, and the fact that when you are damaging another form of life you are actually damaging yourself.

This brings me to the reality mirror. Everything is a reflection of you (heyoka empaths, you know this too well!). Everything is a part of you. We are the cells in the planetary body, serving as the microcosmic fractals of Gaia. Just as the cells in our own bodies are microcosmic fractals of us. Ecosystems within ecosystems, all responding to each other and reverberating the frequencies received through one another. There are two common sayings that I feel are helpful to look at in this context

“Do unto others as you would like done unto yourself”

“You Will Reap what you Sow”

Both of these make complete sense, because everything is a reflection of you. Everything you do to another, you are doing to yourself, or an aspect of yourself. Energy always returns as well. So whatever you decide to put out into the universe will no doubt make its way back to you. Everything is recorded within the great cosmic library, which is the unconscious mind and the element known as Ether.

Our reality is always reflecting back to us what we are and what exists within our inner realms. Once you begin to recognize this, every day becomes and opportunity to learn more about yourself. Every moment, situation, and encounter teaches you something through the symbols and codes that arise. Sometimes this is obvious and sometimes more subtle. The more observant you become, the more you will inevitably learn. In terms of healing and deprogramming yourself, the reality mirror doubles as a magnifying glass. Until something has been cleared, or until a life lesson has been thoroughly learned, the energy will keep resurfacing to be acknowledged. There are many different ways that energy surfaces when it is suppressed, such as bodily illness or becoming easily triggered. People will come into your life to reflect back to you what you are holding onto so that it can be cleared. And if you are willing to take the necessary steps, this can lead to rapid and accelerated healing. One way to take initiative is to give the command to your reality and youniverse. Simply say…

“I would like everything within me that needs to be cleared, shown to me through my mirror reflections. I open to knowing everything about myself that I need to know for evolution and growth.”

This is just the beginning of many ways you can begin to consciously interact with the mirroring quality of your reality. In a way, this is like unlocking a superpower. One of many you are bound to discover on the journey. It enables you to step into conscious co-creation with the universe.

The ways that your universe converses with you can take on a variety of forms. It can show you deeply held subconscious patterns, often absorbed within childhood and the formative years. It can show you your beliefs about abundance through your level of prosperity, and unveils any programs of lack. It can show you the reasons for specific relationships in your life. It can give you clues as to what your soul truly desires, and the necessary path to compliment those desires. The list goes on and on. Imagination and a hint of playfulness makes the communication much more swift. Remember that you are communicating with yourself, as your reality is consistently showing you the seeds you have been sowing.

Working with the reality mirror requires that you be present in real time, anchored in your awareness with sharpened vision. The awareness, vision, and presence is what allows for accurate interpretation of what you are shown, and the ability to come up with solutions and utilize the information you receive in a constructive way. There has to be a true desire to grow. When this ingredient is present, reality will meet you half-way and show you exactly what the requirements are for coming into the greater version of yourself. Learn to apply the logic alongside your psychic faculties for greater discernment in decoding the true messages behind all that you witness.

We are presented with so many opportunities every day. This way of communicating with reality shows that magic really does exist all around us and within us. There are always breadcrumbs on the trail and clues meant to lead us back into the state of wonder and spontaneous miracle. A state we knew well as children, when our cups were overflowing with the life-force magic. As we mature, it’s our responsibility to hold onto the wisdom of the inner child and to remember how to continue to fill our cups with the essence of life. It’s our responsibility to remember how intimately connected we are, and to honor that connection as we continue our human quest.

-Love and Light

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