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Raising Your Vibration

If you want to discover the secrets of personal happiness – start working on it! Since we know that everything in the universe comprises energy vibrating at different frequencies, we know that we are emitting all kinds of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vibrations even at this moment. Have you been in balance with yourself lately? Have things stagnated in certain areas of your life? How can you raise your vibration to one that flows with high energy, love, and light? Energy powers our body, which is made up of muscles and organs, coming from the Universe. This energy can be positive or negative, i.e. at high or low frequency. To know if your vibrations are at a top-level, it would be best to explore your emotions. Emotions can often serve as a compass that points us to our current inner state. They will most easily show you how close or far you are from your desired frequency. Higher And Lower Vibrations. What Does That Mean?

Awareness and vibration go together. If you are on lower frequencies, you are suffocating life energy in yourself and therefore you cannot see the bigger picture of things. You live in a state of fear, worry, despair,and thus the solutions to current situations are not positive but negative and can often be self-destructive.When you are on higher vibrations, it connects your consciousness to the Source itself, so that your thoughts are clearer and you better understand the situation you are in at the moment and the world around you. And with that, your actions are positive and you can easily reach the desired manifestations. How To Raise Vibrations? It can often happen that the vibrations are not at the desired level, and that is not an unpleasant thing. Knowing that human is a sinful being, negative vibrations can only harm us when we do not try to raise them. You should always strive for positive vibrations because in that way you will attract all the positive things around you. This is exactly the point of the Law of Attraction. You will attract what you radiate – good things if your vibration is positive, and negative and bad if you vibrate with lower vibrations. That is why it is important to reach the highest level of your vibrations to receive happiness. We will go through a couple of techniques that you should apply to raise your vibrations. Once they become a part of your daily life, your vibrations will improve and you will manifest everything you have imagined.

1. Meditation

Set aside a part of the day when you will dedicate yourself to meditation. Meditation helps you get closer to your inner peace and self-knowledge. Spiritual ascension is a fantastic way to send a message to the Universe that you are ready to work on yourself and get the things you manifest. Not only will you feel calmer and happier but you will be in tune with your spirit and the surrounding vibrations will be positive.

2. Staying in nature

Nature is at a high frequency because it is in a state where there is no resistance. Everything that happens in it is in its harmony. When you spend some time in it, you will charge your batteries with the peace and high vibration it offers.

The rays of the sun are closest to the energy of the Source, and water is something that comes after light when it comes to the similarity with the vibration and frequency of the Infinite Source. That’s why every time you take a shower, you feel not only that you have washed the dirt off yourself but also that you have cleaned yourself on a deeper level. And that happened.

3, Music and dance

Choose the music that arouses enjoyable feelings and mood in you. Music in itself is a vibration, so our vibration, whether or not we like it, has to rise to its level. If you add dance to this, you will get an incredibly easy and wonderful means to raise your vibration and frequency. Music helps positive energy to circulate through your body, you become active and have a pleasurable time, you have no negative thoughts. Serotonin and vibrations will boost around!

4. Surround yourself with beings who are on positive frequencies

Be in the company of people happy with themselves, optimistic, and full of positive energy. These can be your friends or spiritual teachers. Also, spend time with animals are naturally at a higher vibration than us because they are in a state where there is no resistance. Stay away from people who bring you nervousness and negative mood. They indirectly lower your vibrations by their presence.

5.Get rid of negative feelings

No matter what negative emotion you feel, never keep it to yourself. If you need to cry – then cry, if you want to shout – then shout, hit the pillow if you have to. Get rid of that negative energy. You will instinctively know what to do and then do it, do not let others convince you it is not nice and how indecent it is to behave like that.

If you are close to such people know that their desires to calm you down will only irritate you even more, so stay away from them immediately. Go somewhere where no one will bother you to empty yourself in the best way that will not be destructive to others or for you.

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