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Play With Your Peripheral Vision

out of the corner of your eye, an exercise for developing your psychic ability

For this exercise you will practice noticing the information your peripheral vision provides.

Your peripheral vision picks up the subtle shifts in energy patterns that direct vision misses. Spirit often appears in our peripheral vision as a flicker of movement.

To expand your vision, play little observation games with yourself.

For example. Walk through a mall or through a shopping district, using your peripheral vision to notice what’s in the store windows. Keep your eyes looking forward, but widen your scope by actively noticing what you see out of the corners of our eyes. After a few minutes, stop, take a moment to remember what you saw out of the corners of your eyes, then walk back down the way you came and check yourself.

What did you notice? Is there a pattern to what you picked up?

Notice also what you overlooked….

When you have a moment, write down what you noticed, any feelings or thoughts that came up during the exercise… these could give you some clues about what to expect in the coming period… or some insights on yourself and your life or relationships….. for example, perhaps you noticed a lot of red in your peripheral vision, and with this came a sense of excitement… this could mean that you will meet someone very exciting that day, or take on a project that you can feel passionate about… or you’ll find that an important client is wearing a red shirt… you often will not know exactly what these signals mean until after the fact… journalling gives you a chance to track your impressions and notice how they play out… over time you will notice patterns that will be helpful in interpreting your impressions.

Pay particular attention to any feelings that come up when you perceive “something you caught out of the corner of your eye.” Note these in your journal and commit to allowing yourself to become more receptive to the energy shifts and flickers of movement that your peripheral vision detects. You could find a spirit is lurking on the edges of our life.

Good Luck! Tell us what happened when you tried the exercise.

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