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New Year Blessings & Horoscope

What kind of blessings are you looking forward to for the year 2022?

These come in many forms, physical, spiritual and emotional. Emotional? Why do you say this ? As many of you know, we humans move through various physical and emotional states throughout the day.

These experiences do not have to dictate the outcome of your week to week plans or even your monthly goals. If these emotions are grounded and solid within your meditation and daily affirmations that are positive and uplifting, then by all means stick with them .This will show your alignment with your intentions and this year’s goals. What is tricky is knowing that maybe, just maybe, our intentions are not aligned with the cosmic blessings that may be coming our way?

As humans, we have an innate way of being in denial or unconsciously blocking movement for our unlimited possibilities or higher awareness. This could be from family of origin behaviors or just plain being human and not clear about what it may be that you truly need and desire for the coming year ahead. The more clear we become, the more aware we will be about what does or does not serve us in our intentional prayers and affirmations.

Let’s go with the basics first.. Am I safe? Do I have a way to earn a living? Am I meeting my personal and financial goals? Do I have any goals in place at all and if not why is this? Do my relationships need a tune up? Magic happens all the time, but common sense tells us we have to work with our own energy fields of awareness to be able to manifest our hearts and desires. In other words, staying in your own lane.

As much as we want things to fall into our laps or show up at our doorstep for many of us, we have to align our intentions with truths that will set us free to receive blessings for the coming year ahead.

Astrological theory reminds us that certain Astrological signs can manifest in various ways.

Aries: Is a fire starter literally! You might consider going after what your want with wild abandonment and if you get the vibe this is not working out abandon ship and start again. The good news is that you started, It’s the finishing to the end that will make you successful. By all means don’t let anxiety get the best of you!

Taurus: You must visualize with all your senses of how you want that goal or material thing to look and to what end. If you feel stuck, laugh at yourself and go around the obstacles and keep focused to enjoy the fruit of your labor. You usually have the material things you want as long as you keep within moderation. Remember to share your spoils.

Gemini: Be super clear about what you need and want. You are a master at moving quickly from concept to concept, plan as much as you can and stay the course you are gifted at getting exactly what you need as long as you keep your center in the process. Drink more water!

Cancer: You are excellent at manifesting emotional intelligence for yourself and others. Rely on your intuition so you can give to yourself first and then invite others to your vision and all will be well. We need your depth

Leo: As much as you lead with your magnanimous way of being you must be realistic when you set your goals or intentions. Don’t let self doubt rock you to your core. Your instincts are good and you can shrink back into a place of not enough. When you do this you lose traction. Keep your head above the crowd and know you have the strength to achieve with grace whatever you are supposed to have for your journey. You are the leader and remember to show up for YOU!

Virgo: You do well with organization and planning so you are a natural for manifesting your goals as long as you don’t let your critical nature get in the way of receiving your blessings… Reread this… Stand with arms wide open saying I am ready to receive let it happen dear Virgo, you are golden. Your healing words always bring fruit.

Libra: You have the great gift of community and you always take care of all humanity around you and forget your personal goals… Stop this! Set an intention with like minded people and you will get what you want with many friends of like minds This will be blissful for you… You love win win! Take care of your nervous system and take time to enjoy the beauty you create for us all.

Scorpio: Make sure you don’t let your passion and intensity get in the way of your spiritual gifts this year. You have been given many tools to help you visualize and manifest. Use them to the fullest and give yourself the gift of peace beyond all realms in these next 12 months… Hold yourself in high esteem for you do a lot for us here on this planet! Find the herbs that work for your soul.

Sagittarius: You must, I repeat, must slow down a bit so you can see the blessings that are right in front of you. Don’t let them pass you by! You are so quick on your feet and sometimes going so fast helping all of us you forget that manifestations of your thought forms are presenting to you daily. Relax in the present moment. You will get it done when you stop, breathe and listen to the light within…

Capricorn: Dear Capricorn, you must let those who love and respect you in so you can be helped even though you don’t ever think you need it! How boring to manifest goals alone, right? Your efficient way of being needs to have a few spaces of openness so we can help just a little to add to your dreams and intentions… Will you? You are the general of the zodiac and if you don’t have some soldiers in tow how will you get to your goals? Be gentle with you!

Aquarius: Do yourself a huge favor while you are taking care of all community matters. Make sure you leave a project just for you to do so you can feel complete in yourself. This will feed your soul. Giving yourself away at all costs will drain you and you must remember you too get to receive blessings since you are such a blessing to so many… In other words, be a little selfish and do something you have wanted to do for quite some time just for you!

Pisces: You are well suited for intentions and manifestations. When you stay grounded you literally manifest whatever it is you focus on. Do your best to keep your health in balance so you can continue to bring the peace that passes all understanding to any given situation. It’s advised to watch out for deep waters ahead as not to get lost in others’ drama. This will help move with ease towards your spiritual and material intentions. You are the silent witness to the world of how grace can be attained.

Blessings are all around us. Take time to see them in all things, remember to be someone’s blessing by using your energetic super powers this year… You will be glad you did. In the meantime, We are here to support you in your intentions and help you on your journey.

Peace& Blessings

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