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Morning Ritual That Will Change Your Life

If I were asked what the most important element to successful manifesting is, I would say start your day with a morning manifestation ritual.

When you start your day with a manifestation ritual, you are then starting your day with purpose and choosing how you want to experience your life.

If you don’t start your day with intent, then by default you’ll get drawn into everything that’s going on externally. You’ll just get pulled along in the stream of life.

A manifesting ritual is something I do every morning as it sets me up with positive energy to have a wonderful day.

plus it helps me to create the things I want in my life.

And when I focus on the things I’m wanting to manifest. I usually manifest those things.

What I’m about to share with you is the EXACT routine I do each day that keeps me focused on feeling good and manifesting the desires I genuinely want.

I feel so blessed each day, and that’s because I choose to feel blessed and start my day off so positive.

If you want to manifest incredible things into your life, then you need to make a conscious effort to do the steps that are required to get into alignment with what it is you desire.

The Morning Manifesting Ritual That Will Change Your Life.

For this to work, you need to make sure you keep your mind away from any influences that will distract you.

I recommend when you awake, you get up straight away and don’t press the snooze button.

…if you do press snooze and go back to sleep, you will feel more groggy when you do eventually get up.


You should have one glass of water to hydrate quickly before doing the manifesting ritual.

Lastly and this is super important.

Do not look at your phone (expect to listen to meditation music).

That means no social media. No email checking. No checking the news. Nothing.

Also, don’t watch any TV or listen to the radio either.

If you do, your mind will get drawn into stuff that you don’t need to be thinking about right away.

Following those simple rules before you start your manifesting ritual will ensure you are starting with your best foot forward.

So let’s start with the first step.

Quiet That Mind – 10-20 Mins Meditation

The “M” word that so many people struggle with.

Honestly, I love meditating. If you don’t meditate, you should 100% start doing it.

I remember when I first started, I got up before my family to do it secretly before they got up.

I don’t know why, but I felt embarrassed telling people I did it.

Now it’s like…” hey Bella, I’m just going to the other room to meditate for 20mins.”

No embarrassment whatsoever.

I love meditating now, and I wouldn’t start any day without relaxing my mind through meditation.

So the first part of the morning manifesting ritual is get up and meditate for 20mins. If you’re starting out, you might start with just 10mins and build your way up over time.

Count Your Blessings

This is a simple gratitude exercise.

To do this, stay where you’re seated.

Doing this exercise will elevate your emotions. Or in other words, “raise your vibration.”

This doesn’t need to take long.

…just enough to feel a positive change in how you feel.

Just pick three to five things you can be grateful for. And it doesn’t have to be massive things.

You could feel grateful for the kind person who opened a door for you yesterday.

Or the warm sunshine you felt as you sat in your garden over the weekend.

Or a meaningful conversation you had with a good friend recently.

Spend about a minute on each one and fully embrace those good feelings.

After doing this simple gratitude exercise, you should be feeling good and primed for the next step.

See The Life You Will Live

Now you are feeling uplifted from the gratitude exercise, you should now spend some time to visualize your desires while you feel good.

Keep your goals near you in case you need to have a quick review of what you want to be, do, or achieve in your life.

Now spend a few minutes mentally experiencing a small scene which illustrates in your mind the outcome as already achieved.

Aim to feel as good as you can when doing this, as strong emotion will help you manifest much quicker.

If you struggle to get good feeling emotions when visualizing, then it’s probably because unconsciously your mind doesn’t believe that you can do, be or achieve the thing you want.

Visualizing Tip.

A good trick that helps bypass any resistance from your mind is to say just before you visualize…

“What would it be like if I… ?”

How would it feel if…?

What would my life look like if…?

Saying “if” before saying your goal allows you to embrace the feeling as “if” already achieving the goal.

It allows you to experience the scenes in your mind because you’re only asking what would it be like “if” this were to happen?

It stops you from getting that conflicting feeling of “I don’t truly believe this will happen.”

So say you wanted a new Mercedes. You would say…

“What would it be like if I did get a new Mercedes? “

You can also keep asking more similar questions in line with the desire.

For example,

“What would it be like if I did get to pick up my friends in a new Mercedes.”

If I was getting a Mercedes, how would it feel to get a phone call and told my new car is ready to be picked up?”

“What would my life look like if I could afford a new Mercedes?”

Can you see how this works? Just doing this now makes me feel good.

Doing this exercise will help you “feel” like you already have the thing that you desire, without the internal resistance.

And when you feel like you already have what you want then you will be in vibrational alignment with your desire.

It’s a truly powerful way to visualize.

Enrich Your Mind With 20-30 Mins Reading

Reading is something that will continue to help you grow and become a better person.

If you spent just 20-30 mins each morning, you could read two books a month which would be 24 books a year.

Image what you’d learn from 24 books each year.

A lot, right?

Plus you might learn some powerful things that will drastically change your life.

Sometimes all it takes is just one “golden nugget” of info that will have a massive impact on your life.

Your brain is like a sponge and what you put into it dictates how you think and feel.

Set Your Intentions For The Day

Get a pen and paper, and I write down the top 3 goals you’re trying to focus on achieving in your life.

If you focus on too many goals you’ll weaken your ability to achieve any of them.

Let me give you an example if I were doing this,

My current big 3 goals might be:

  • Get my blog to 100k+ monthly visitors

  • Get below 10% body fat while maintaining muscle

  • Take the family on a trip Salem Massachusetts for Halloween

Once I have the list of things I want to achieve/manifest, I write down anything I think I can do towards that goal.

I write down any action that I feel inspired to do which would move me towards that goal.

Sometimes if I don’t know what action to put down, I just ask myself...what action would be the most beneficial in moving me towards my goal.

Then I write down what comes to me.

It may just be common sense actions, or it might be some random action that I feel inspired to do.

When you plan your actions for the day, you will keep your goals/desires in your mind and you will be working towards them.

This will fill you will positive expectancy that you will achieve them.

Most importantly, you will be taking action.

If free time in the morning is minimal, then you can shorten some of the steps.

Like you could just read a few pages of something inspirational. That would only take 2 mins. You could also meditate for just 5-10 mins.

My best advice if you’re a little short on time in the morning, is get up 45mins earlier than you would.

Getting up that little bit earlier will give you the time to perform this powerful manifesting ritual.

-Best Wishes

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