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Love Is All Around

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We all want to find love and be happy, but sometimes it is harder than we hope and there is a feeling of being overwhelmed with the sadness. But I bring you hope, as we all are loved if not by a soulmate then the Angels will love you and bring that happiness to you. Often people come into our lives and for a time it is good, but then falls to pieces. I too have had this happen and what I have found is the peace as when we ask the Angels to bring us love, then we will feel this overwhelming joy as we are lifted out of our pain and feel ready to get out and enjoy life again.

Soulmates are all we crave but we need a partner and not a project. We need to remember that we deserve the best and will have it once we decide that we are worthy. It Is a minefield on dating sites, but there is the one person that will either be for you or might be the key to finding your true love.

Yes, I still believe in love and have seen the miracles of it for people I love. I know that loss of a dream, but I know that when I ask my angels to help it comes now immediately. I say that we can overcome a toxic relationship or a bad marriage if we choose to believe we are worthy and trust me you are. There is so much hope each day and our lives can change in a heartbeat and when it does it is totally wonderful. I have lost in the worst way a son and yet I still feel him after 10 years and 9 months. So I say to you to, believe that you are going to have the right love and the one that will make you so happy because when you ask for the Angels help it comes so fast.

It is hard to meet someone in this current world, but when something is meant to happen and we ask for help then it can come. Be strong and leave a toxic thing that makes you sad as you are born to have wonderful. It will be your time soon to be with your best life and so believe you can have it.

Believe in the love you feel, you need as we don’t have wants for something we can’t have. Be strong and you will be able to enjoy your life as you see that there is a life of love and being with someone who uplifts you and not pulls you down into a world of hurt and pain. Remember, you are loved and each day the sun loves the earth and you too. So don’t be afraid to ask the angels and remember your soulmate loves you so deeply already and will be there when you are totally ready.

Love and Light,

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