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Losing A Soulmate

When we meet one of our soulmates, the encounter can be and usually is life changing in some way or another. Upon being in proximity of a soulmate, there may be immediate feelings of warmth, comfort and connection. Lost memories of them from past lifetimes may tingle the back of our mind, or even be replayed in the current lifetime as we may experience increased déjà vus.

Feelings of unexplainable familiarity may suddenly flow over us. We may think to ourselves “Oh, there you are!”when we meet a soul mate, and this connection usually increases as we feel the soul-to-soul recognition deepen along the way.

The universe does not allow us this encounter by accident and, since nothing is free in the spiritual world the encounters usually come with some type of cost, and the cost is usually a part of our soul in the form of soul exchange. We may not realize this right away, but a soul mate is destined to bring about change in our life by demanding that we pay a certain amount of attention to situations which are involved in the encounter. It does not matter how long the encounter may last; it could be simply stolen moments of time or last years, decades or even lifetimes. The longer we have the soul mate in our life, the more our world begins to blend with the world of the soul mate and the higher selves of both individuals begin to gain unspoken communication. Also known as: higher energy exchange.

It is important to note here that the blending of worlds can and eventually will present itself as a problem if one or both soul mates are not living as their authentic selves. When this problem occurs, it is a big wake up call to live authentically or to create necessary change to achieve authenticity. As these energies initially enter our chakra portals, we do not always recognize the authenticity of the energies because we may prefer to focus on our good feelings. Sometimes these lovely feelings might aim to hide a certain truth about ourselves or about the soul mate, a truth that either individual might be trying to change about themselves. We may already suspect, but intentionally ignore the truth due to the wonderful feelings we are receiving. When the energy exchange is not authentic, as we continue along in the relationship we may begin feeling exhausted, depleted and confused instead when we are around our soul mate for extended periods of time. If it is a long-term relationship, the amount of time being in proximity with the soul mate may not matter as worlds are already heavily blended. This is a big sign from the universe to not only pay attention to this soul mate situation and our position in it, but also to take action to address it in the best and the healthiest ways possible. Sometimes soulmates knowingly take advantage of the positive feelings as a soul mate can also have narcissistic tendencies, so it is important to address and make changes to this type of situation in the healthiest way possible for you and your own individuality.

As our world blends with the world of the soulmate, no matter how long this blending lasts eventually it will be unblended. This un-blending can be a traumatic experience no matter the circumstance of it, as if a part of our soul is being ripped away from us because it literally is. This un-blending can cause many types of negative feelings, energies and sensations including confusion, denial, emptiness and anger, just to name a few. Sometimes we may even shut our world down for a little while to try and regain personal balance, and sometimes we turn to others to comfort our spiritual wounds. These actions are perfectly understandable, but it is important to also understand that healing from the trauma of this type of loss takes a certain amount of personal effort as well and that nobody else can heal you from this.

It takes effort from you to generate and accept the healing process. It takes patience and delicacy with ourselves, along with a focus on loving ourselves and our individuality. A good start to this healing process is a steady knowledge of faith in that the soul mate is never truly lost to us, they are only waiting until the next time they are destined to encounter us again whether the next encounter is in the current lifetime or the next. This is why they are our soul mates, destined to return to us at just the right time.

Love and Light,

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