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Long Distance Relationship?

Often I speak with clients who live at a distance from someone they care about, who they either have met but are separated from and who wonder if love can survive the physical separation. During this period when many people have been living in lockdown due to the pandemic, a lot of them have had to learn to live with long distance connections with loved ones or significant others that they just cannot be with.

This period therefore has been a real test of faith to make the relationship work. The truth is that a long distance love tests us on the natural physical and emotional needs we all have. The person is not with us physically so we wonder if they are really close to us in mind and spirit and heart if not in miles. If you want a long distance relationship to be sustained, you must, both of you, want it to work and have faith that one day you will physically connect again. It is of primary importance that you make the effort to regularly communicate with each other and tell each other what you are really feeling but make occasions special too and keep the romance alive!

Remember that love has many facets to it. Feed the passion in your connection with your soul heart and mind and you will make an awesome love link that lasts through all the tests of being apart from each other.

It is certainly very challenging to be apart from someone you feel is a great part of your life, but remember that if you two survive this test in the end it will bring you even closer as you realise the truly amazing strength your love has! I believe that most of our most important relationships are karmic, that we are souls who come to earth many times to learn many lessons and form deep bonds with other journeying souls. No person comes into our lives by accident, those who are significant others are there for a reason. Where two people truly believe in a heart and soul connection, no distance can separate them. Think of those couples who live in the same house as each other but do not connect in importance on any real level ,they are physically close but may have even agreed to lead separate lives.

As we mature, we learn to move on from relationships and situations that no longer represent our real authentic selves and to choose or draw partners who are more in tune with us, no matter how close or far apart we are. This year has caused many of us to think in ways beyond physical limitations and in that way to evolve another way to love and stay in touch with others. I see this as a preparation for the Aquarian Age in which far more people will meet their soulmates or be reunited with them again as we move to a new level of consciousness. Some years ago I wrote that as we move more towards an acceptance of our souls as eternal, we would also come to understand love and relationships in a new way. We realise that we must love ourselves first if we are to love any other human being and we are unique wonderful creatures whose capacity to love is boundless. Our minds are extremely powerful and learning to handle our power to create better relationships in our lives is a liberating experience on all levels. You and your loved one can sustain your relationship over distance and time itself if you both have the will to do so.

Recently, I was asked for a reading by a woman who had been apart from her loved one for over a year due to work conditions and limitations to travel due to this year’s restrictions. She wanted to know if when they did meet up, their relationship would be the same. I was able to reassure her that they would just start again where they left off as they were really aligned on a spiritual and soul level. Sure enough she contacted me again to tell me that they had recently been able to meet again and they were excited about the next phase in their lives and destinies! They realized how much they truly loved each other and both knew now they could trust the other fully. My advice to people separated from the person they love and long to be with again is to begin to look at the spiritual part of your relationship. Your destiny has led to you being apart physically but is also teaching you about having faith in each other and is showing you whether you can truly trust the other person to be honest with you and consider your feelings. Long distance love may not be the ideal way to love, and on some levels may cause you to doubt each other but where love is real these moments will pass and where love is not, you will be shown that this is the time to move on and allow new love into your life.

The distance between you will never break up any couple who both have made their minds to stay together so be courageous enough to speak with your loved one about how the two of you can keep the flame alive and you will find a way. You will need to be prepared to deal with those times when one of you is down or misses the other and extend your capacity to empathize with each other. Reward each other with long distance dates and never forget special anniversaries. Talk about your special hopes and dreams during this time and do not let negativity cause you to lose the big vision. You both can make up your minds that distance is no barrier to real love and truly it is not. Love has no limitations of time or distance.

Envision a positive result and you will both make it happen. If you would like to ask me about your relationship or any other life area please contact me by chat to discuss further with me.

Love and light,


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