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Laws Of Karma

There are universal laws which neutralize Karma. As Harmony is the ultimate potential for balance, so the main goal of Karma is to achieve harmony… Understand that if you throw a rock into a pond you disturb the harmony of the pond. Likewise, your disharmonious actions spread throughout the universe and returns to you, life after life until your harmony is restored. Being in agreement of your Dharma (the acts which you must perform) is the way to restore your Karmic debt. You are the one and only person who knows what you need to learn most, and what will happen in each lifetime cycle.

As you constantly look for other souls, often with shared stories, or Karmic configurations that suit your needs, actions and thoughts, emotions, words. Motive desire and intention is behind all these actions. Disharmonious acts must later adopt a balanced approach to know an evolution of a soul. There is a Universal Law called Wisdom, as wisdom does erase Karma, so if you have love and wisdom to learn… from love and wisdom, you can ease your suffering. (Sadly, we do learn from our pain) Being confronted with the consequences of our actions. For example… If you give Love, Mercy and/or Grace to others, you will receive it in return. Now the goal of soul evolution is what all people of this earth experience, so we incarnate because we want to evolve spiritually.

By overcoming all our emotions based on fear and learning to accept unconditional love, we increase our vibrational frequency and we get closer to the state of Harmony. Many of the major events in our lives are predestined astrologically, but most important is that you realize, you always have Free-will, to change the impact of events, or to transcend them entirely. If you give Grace and Mercy to others because you are positive, loving, compassionate and that you demonstrate by actions that you have learned from the past, you can minimize disharmonious experiences. So! When you have an increased awareness of life and you develop conscious detachment as well, you are much less affected by worldly events than in the past.

A master of life enjoys the warmth and joy of life, but detaches himself from negativity by allowing him to cross it without affecting “him” or “it”. For any situation, one needs to respond positively with compassion and integrity. Thus, if you have learnt from your Karmic lessons you will not experience a similar (past) situation in the future. Remember, everything begins first to manifest itself from thought, ideas and experiences, this creates beliefs, which in turn creates your reality. So if you’re not happy with your current reality, you must change your beliefs and your behavior… This can be changed when you recognize the ones that don’t work for you, see the ones that will allow success and harmony in your life. Changing behavior, you need to decide precisely which behavior you want to eliminate. So, beware that you don’t have to change the way you feel about something to affect it. If you are ready to change what you are doing. This Karmic Universal law will neutralize bad Karma in your life, it is what you need to be aware of.

Finally, this law of “ONE” is that we are all part of a great energetic Gestalt called GOD, and as we are part of this divine force, we are fragments of GOD. In fact, it means that every soul living and disembodied, is connected to the level of the collective unconscious, to the depth of the higher self.

Blessings of understanding the law of unconditional love for self and all that is, I bid you.

Love and Light,

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