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I'm Psychic. Can I Find True Love?

Yes, it's possible. But it really takes work to find that special someone that doesn't get intimidated or concerned that you'll "know too much". While it's kind of funny to think of, it's not really funny when you do pick up on something that your special person has done or worse yet...hiding.

So, what do you do? Not much you can do. Sometimes they

don't realize they're hiding anything and by blurting out that "I know what you've done" is and can be a deal breaker many times. There are times when there are certain attachments that hang on a person or you see something from their past that they may have buried and for good reason.

I've learned the hard way. Don't bring these things up. They are private and deserve to be respected. In fact, I've learned to "turn off the Psychic Switch" and you may have to as well if you are gifted. It's not worth scaring or hurting someone because you have an ability and they're open because they trust you. I've been left because of it and it's been hard to overcome. After a breakup, convincing someone to trust that you won't look into the deepest darkest recesses of their minds won't happen again is very hard to do. Sometimes, you can't help it.

There have been times that I've happened in an area where my special person was and wasn't supposed to be...if you know what I mean. I didn't try to find out what was happening. I followed my intuition and YIKES! Or, when I met my former husband years ago and in the first conversation said, "If I ever have another child and it would be a girl, I would love to name her Elizabeth Rose". That happened to be the name of his mother and to say the least, he literally freaked out. It took some hard core convincing to help him understand that I wasn't someone that was just "spying" on him. (And, yes, when this happened, their imagination is really kicked up). Ultimately, we got married and I had a son so thank goodness, I didn't have to worry about the name!

So if you ever have the opportunity to have a special person or be a special person in a relationship with one that is psychic, give it a chance. Understand that it literally is a gift and many times cannot be helped.

Live your life and be happy.

After all, there are worse things than being with a psychic ;)

Be well, be blessed and be brave-heart!

Zelda Kelly

Ext 11

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