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How to Tell When Holding Hands Means More

Holding hands is definitely a way to show intimacy between partners. People publicly declare that they have some bond, and they are ready to show this bond to everyone.

Psychologists studied what holding hands means to a guy and girl and found out that men use this fine gesture to “mark their territory” and simply said show that they want to take care of this partner and consider this relationship theirs. As for women, holding hands significance is not less important. Girls are in general more eager to show care, so they tend to initiate holding hands faster than men. Yet, if she does it, you can be sure that she wants more than being a friend of yours.

Still, some of these gestures can mean more, and a lot more, than others. Let’s figure this out together!

#1. Your fingers are intertwined

This classic and extremely romantic gesture shows that you are a couple, and both of you are committed to the relationship and want to stay a couple even in the future. Your couple is balanced and your bond is strong. Congrats!

#2. The grip is too firm

When he holds your hand too strongly, it means that he’s showing his dominance in the relationship. Men can display this way their desire to take care of someone and that their feelings are intense. Though some people think that a firm grip is a way of showing that you belong to them, others actually admit that strength also can mean the desire to support you. However, if he does it too early, probably, he will indeed be too assertive in your relationship. And you should definitely tell your partner if you don’t like it.

#3. Your fingers are slightly crossed

If you ask yourself “What does it mean when a guy holds your hand too slightly?”, don’t panic. Probably this is just the beginning of your relationship and he is exploring new terrain. He doesn’t want to scare you and that’s why is adding physical touch very carefully. Don’t think that he doesn’t care for you, it’s not true.

#4. You hold only fingers

It’s neither too slight, nor too firm. A very intimate gesture like that shows that you both can rely on each other and have a healthy relationship. Hands are relaxed showing mutual trust and respect.

#5. He holds your shoulder

If he hugs you or puts his arm around your shoulder and holds your hand, his body shows that he is indeed into you and is eager to stay as close as possible.

#6. You feel fine even when silent

Well, this is certainly not your first date and you still have topics to discuss, but…. You can enjoy a silent moment together. You hold hands, and this silence means more than any word in any language. You feel relaxed, you don’t have to pretend and entertain someone. Just being together fills you with peace and joy.

#7. You have butterflies in your stomach

He touches your hand, and you feel that you are losing the ground. You feel nervous, your heart is pounding, and your start saying stupid things. You are definitely in love. Take a closer look at your partner. No matter the sex and age, people experience similar feelings when there’s chemistry between them. Even a simple gesture like holding hands can make us nervous when this hand belongs to the one we love.

#8. You don’t notice how time passes

Every time you are together, walking and holding hands, the time flies. You have common interests and mutual trust, and hence you don’t have to invent topics to talk about – everything goes naturally. This is exactly the sign that holding hands means more than a friendly gesture for your couple. It’s the manifestation of deep feelings between you.

#9. Other people notice that there’s something between you

Though you hold hands like friends, everyone in the room can feel the tension and excitement between you. You smile too much, your eyes are attached to each other, and you feel like there’s no one else around you in the room.

#10. Other body language signs are also present

If you still doubt, whether your date is into you or not even when you hold hands, check other signs of attraction. People subconsciously do some of the things when they can’t hide their feelings. His palm can get wet, she can lick lips and play with her hair. Both partners can continuously cross their legs and lean to each other.


So, how to hold hands with a guy right? Of course, the answer depends on the level of your relationship. But if you are sure of his feelings, don’t hesitate to add some spice. A pinkie grip can be very flirtatious. You show that you are taken, but, at the same time, it’s very playful. You can also subtly touch your partner without grasping his hand. And don’t read too much theory – experience is the best teacher when it comes to understanding people’s hearts and building relationships!

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