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How to Identify When Someone’s Sent You the Evil Eye

Ready to start fighting against any evil eyes sent your way? Great, but first, you must learn how to identify signs of the evil eye. Below is a quick checklist to determine if you have encountered evil eye energy. If you are a sensitive person to energy, you can feel the energy waves being directed along the back of your neck and shoulders.

You may also experience the following:

  • Sudden feelings of sleepiness or tiredness.

  • Feeling mentally overwhelmed and unusually anxious.

  • Angry outbursts and uncontrollable violent outrage.

  • An increased level of arguments within your home with loved ones.

  • Sudden issues within your workplace with coworkers, clients, and superiors.

  • Feelings of paranoia and the sense that a person is always talking about you.

  • Loss of self-esteem and confidence.

  • Issues with sleeping, sleep paralysis, insomnia, or feeling like you never get enough rest.

  • Physical ailments such as headaches, skin rashes, or unusual bruising.

Ways to Immediately Counter the Effects of the Evil Eye

Absorbing the evil eye in excessive amounts over time can even result in getting sick with deadly diseases. One of the fastest ways to counter the effects of the evil eye is to take a spiritual bath. A spiritual bath is a mixture of herbs, essential oils, salts, and bath perfumes such as Florida Water.

There are several ways to take a spiritual bath, but the easiest is to add your desired ingredients into a running bath and soak for 15 minutes. Dunk your head underwater once before exiting the bath and allow yourself to air dry. Before entering your bath, light a white candle, state a prayer or personal healing words over your candle, and allow it to burn down. Once the candle has completely burned down, collect any remaining hardened wax, and sprinkle it into your shoes, wallet, car, purse, or a mojo bag and carry with you.

Here is an effective spiritual bath (or shower) recipe for strengthening your aura against the evil eye:

  • 1 Cup Sea Salt

  • 1 Fully Sliced Lemon

  • A few springs of rosemary (rosemary oil as a substitute)

Add all items into your bathwater or a jug of water and pour down over the crown of your head as a spiritual shower.

Create Your Own Protective Hamsa

I am going to give you some homework now if you are interested in learning more. Start by researching the history of your family’s culture. What traditions do you find within your heritage? Are there any origin stories of the use of the hamsa or evil eye? How did your ancestors use the hamsa to protect against the evil eye? What did some of their talismans look like?

Next, drawing inspiration from your heritage and research, create your talisman of the hamsa to protect yourself and your loved ones against the evil eye!

Knowledge is power, and now that you have attained the wisdom of the evil eye, protect yourself against it. Also, be aware of how you may be mistakenly sending the evil eye in another’s direction. Monitor your energy and how others make you feel. Once you begin connecting to your inner emotional intelligence, you can quickly assess the presence of the evil eye. Through the use of the hamsa, you are now fully equipped to know how to protect against the powers of the evil eye.

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