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How Can Crystal Healing Stones Help You?

Crystal healing has been used throughout many cultures for centuries. With continued developments in health science, crystal healing is most commonly used nowadays in conjunction with modern medicine as a complementary treatment option. Crystal healing is becoming ever more popular.

How Can Crystal Healing Stones Help You?

In many ancient cultures, crystals were believed to have healing properties, and even medicinal properties. In this sense, we might even refer to them as a traditional medicine. In Ancient Greece, Egypt, and China, crystal healing stones were used to balance the energies in our lives.

Healing crystals are thought to help you to get rid of any negative energy, and replace it with positive energy. Thus, one of the main benefits of crystals is getting rid of all the bad energy in your life. However, that’s not all they can do - namely, they can promote health, wealth and love.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common crystals, and what they can support and heal.


  • Clear quartz crystal - all energies

  • Obsidian - incredibly dark crystals aiding in processing and moving on

  • Amethyst - purify and increase willpower

  • Bloodstone - blood-related ailments

  • Jasper - stress


  • Jade - luck

  • Sapphire - prosperity

  • Turquoise - luck

  • Tiger’s Eye - motivation


  • Moonstone - inner strength

  • Rose quartz - love and trust - you can get these stones in necklace form from Maha Rose

  • Ruby - sexuality

The science behind healing crystals is highly contested. Over the years, there have been numerous studies into the use of crystal healing stones. Though some scientific studies discredit crystal healing as a pseudoscience, many more disagree.

However, even some of these studies disagree that it is the power of crystals doing the healing - instead, they believe that they provide a placebo effect, and it is the power of our own mind that allows us to heal.

Nevertheless, whatever you believe, crystals and raw stones are made from the elements of the Earth, and thus must possess natural energy or an energy field. As we too are made up of energy, this allows us to interact with the energies of the stones and direct energies from one to another.

Whether you believe that you are holding a stone of success or in the healing power of suggestion, it doesn’t matter. No matter what, it all comes down to the power of energy, which can have a huge impact on emotional balance, hormonal balance, and mental health.

How Psychic Readings Can Teach You More About Crystal Healing Stones

If you are a complete beginner to crystal healing or would like to know how crystal healing stones might help you personally, why not visit a crystal therapist or have a psychic reading? Psychic readings can help you to determine how crystal healing stones might be applied to your life and assist with your own personal experiences.

At Psychics Secrets, our psychics are experts in everything from crystal healing to zodiac signs, using talents such as tarot card readings and clairvoyance to assist you throughout your life. For a personal, in-depth psychic reading, get in touch with us today

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