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Feathered Messages From Spirit

When I am down and depressed, I look for some sort of validation that everything is okay, that I’m not walking a solitary path, and I have the love of spirit and angels to support me and watch my back. That’s when I look for angel feathers.

Why Feathers?

Some people think that feathers are messages from angels, or spirit, or the universe. And so they might be. I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that finding a stray feather is comforting and reassuring. It just makes a down-day feel a little more bearable. So whether it’s real or not, I like to thank the angels for sending a small blessing, a reminder that I am part of the universe and I can never be truly alone.

Personal Signs

Signs and symbols are given meanings, but it is important that, whatever you feel when you see a sign, including feathers, you infer the meaning which means the most to you. So if you have always seen feathers as a message from the deceased, then that’s what they are. If you see them as angel whispers, then that’s what they are to you. However, it’s fun to consider what else they might mean.

General Messages of Angel Feathers

  • Feathers are gifts, so whatever their form; small and fluffy under-feathers, or strong wing or tail feathers, let them remind you to be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.

  • Feathers come from (mostly) flying birds, so they remind you to lighten up, to lower your resistance and float with the air currents. To stop fighting and building barriers. Let it go.

  • Pay attention—feathers catch your eye and cause you to become more observant. When you see a feather it tells you to be aware of other things going on: to pay attention to details, to recognize your inner guidance.

  • Feel the love. If feathers are signs from spirit or from angels, then they must be a physical representation of the love of the universe. Know that you are always loved. Even the most unlovable of people are loved by spirit. When you find an angel feather, open your heart and let the love flow inward – and outward.

Feathered Dreams

If feathers appear in your dreams it can mean you are feeling tied down and need to fly free. Depending on the context, their message can be the same as if you found them during waking hours. Should you dream of feathers, wings or birds, be aware of similar symbols appearing when you are awake.

Colors of Feathers

Feathers come in all colors: most, of course, are natural, some have been dyed by humans. I don’t think it matters; if you want to decipher an extra layer of meaning, then these are messages conveyed by color:

  • White: pure spirit and symbol of peace. White offers comfort and validation that everything is alright, that someone is holding your hand. If you have been thinking about a loved one who has passed, then a small white feather is a true sign of reassurance. Small fluffy white feathers come from the under-plumage of the bird. It is the layer that insulates it and keeps it warm. Birds groom themselves and pull out the loose feathers, which float lightly on air currents. They are so light that spirit can cause them to be deposited right where you will notice them.

  • Gray: a reminder that the world is not black or white, that there are always different perspectives and viewpoints. If you are trying to make a decision, delay it if you can.

  • Black: black is for protection, so if it is legal to pick up feathers in your state (and it is not always the case), take your feather and place it in your home, to ward off negative energy. Put it next to a black crystal, such as black tourmaline or obsidian for extra power.

  • Brown: brown is the color of stability, the color of soil from which springs growth and abundance. Brown feathers are a reminder to keep your feet on the ground while letting your imagination soar.

  • Brown/red: often from domesticated fowl, these glorious auburn feathers are a reminder that even if you are stuck in one place because of obligations to other people, that doesn’t mean your soul can’t be free. Red is a symbol of courage, so take heart and be brave.

  • Blue: blue is a healing color, so if you find a blue feather, let it heal your spirit, and reassure your troubled mind. Carry it with you as a reminder that all is well.

  • Green: green is the color of abundance. Place any small green feather you find into a secret compartment in your wallet, to bring wealth and security.

  • Pink: pink is the color of romantic love. If you are looking for love, carry a pink feather in your purse or pocket for a few days. If you want to strengthen an existing relationship, place your pink feather somewhere where you both spend time. Putting it under a pink quartz crystal makes it extra powerful.

  • Iridescent feathers: those feathers that change color with the light are very special. They carry a deep spiritual message of faith. They may be informing you that you are about to experience a profound change, even a sacrifice of some kind, but also that you will find what you are looking for in life—a simple and clear connection to spirit.

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