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Dating Scammers

Over a number of years I have come across clients who have fallen victim to dating scams. The trauma of this kind of deception inflicted on them by someone whom they felt they had developed a strong bond with has devastating consequences and the road back is a long, painful one. On some occasions clients have come to me ‘before the fact’ and I have been able, with the assistance of spirit, to prevent this going further. But sadly, on first contact, some are already in so deep, spirit can only give assistance ‘after the fact’ when so much has already been lost.

What to look out for:

Of course it is flattering to gain attention through a dating site having been lonely for a length of time and this is an experience that should be enjoyed. However scammers plague these kind of sites and there are many signs that will give you the clues you need to stay safe from their clutches.

Watch carefully for any or all of the following:

* Ardent email attention, often very eager and fast replies to your own responses.

* Broken English, wrongly worded sentences and/or a feeling that you are talking to more than one person.

* An oversea job, often someone telling you they are from your country but are working abroad – engineering in particular seems to be their ‘chosen’ profession.

* A sob story – they often pose as widows having lost a wife and child tragically or similar.

* Declarations of strong emotions and love without having yet met you in person.

* Asking for personal information such as your address, family members and bank details.

* A sudden emergency requiring you to send money to get them out of a fix.

* Often there will be mention of their liaising with a person of note such as a doctor or lawyer to make them sound more plausible.

The above list is not exhaustive! New scams are being created all the time! When you are forewarned it is not difficult to see the red flags rather than the red hearts!

Be aware of the signs so you do not fall victim to their atrocious behaviour. These people do not love you but will love your money when it arrives in their bank!

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