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Connecting With Nature

I often tell folks to connect with nature, but what does that mean and how do you make such a connection? For me, connecting with nature is a wonderful experience in Oneness, time when I can focus on being One with All That Is, and through that Oneness, feeling the energy moving around me and the object of my attention. Connecting with nature is about empathizing, noticing, listening to, feeling, tuning into some aspect of nature – a tree, a plant, an animal, rocks… each and all have a story to tell when you take the time to be with them.

There are a lot of ways to make the nature connection. One of the first is getting in sync with the natural rhythms, the moon and the tides, the seasons, the life cycles of plants and animals. If you live in a city like Toronto or New York, you can go for weeks without actually having to step outside to see what the world looks like. Some of us are so busy with our lives, caring for family and business or work, we barely notice the changes in season, let alone that the tulips and daffodils have finished already, and that now it’s June, the roses are blooming. Staying in touch with the natural cycles of the life around us helps us to work wth the cycles of birth and death, gestation and growth in our personal lives….everything is changing every moment of our lives… choosing to be aware of the cycles of change makes it a lot easier to flow with – and take advantage of – the changes.

It is easy to reconnect with nature when you take a long – slow – meditative – walk through the woods, or a park, or along the beach… be deliberate in noticing what is growing around you, what is moving, what is decaying, what is thriving… stop and smell the flowers, feel the breeze on your face, listen for the birds, breathe deeply…. take a moment to sit on a log or a rock so you can notice how the energy of the space feels. Notice how you feel, listen, notice any thoughts that seem to float in out of nowhere….

Here is a specific process that you can use to connect with anything – or for that matter, anyone…. In this case, we’ll use connecting with a tree as an example.

Settle yourself quietly at the base of the tree, back up against it, either your feet or your bum firmly planted on the ground. Breathe deeply, three or four times, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Relax, sit or stand quietly for a few minutes, just taking in the moment, and then open the connection. Start by greeting the tree, thanking it for its presence, notice its branches, the leaves, the feeling you get as you connect with it. Express your love for the tree, and for your life, then ask how it feels, and if it has any messages or requests for you. Then sit quietly, listen, notice what images come to you, what thoughts and words… and also how you feel. I almost always get a rush of love energy when I open a connection in this way. You can hold the connection, breathing deeply and focusing as long as you feel to… When you’re ready to come back, close the connection by sharing your gratitude for the tree and for all of nature, for the gift of life that you share. Then give yourself a minute or to to bring your awareness back to the present.

It can take a few times before you get a reacton. Don’t be alarmend if nothing comes, and don’t question what does – trust that your imagination knows what it’s doing and that whatever images, words or feelings come are purposeful, meaningful. Even if you don’t feel a connection, your soul benefits from the effort and over time you will notice a subtle shift and new openings or awareness coming to you – often when you least expect it.

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