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Charge Your Crystals & Gems With Intention

Did you know you can program crystals and gemstones with Intention? Programming them with Intention gives it a job. It allows your crystal or gemstone to work for you in exactly the way you want it to.

Crystals and gemstones have been proven to store and transfer energy — think about how quartz has so many technical applications for watches, computer storage, etc. In technical terms, crystals and gemstones are "piezoelectric," meaning they can transform energy from one form to another.

By default, programming your crystal with a job helps you connect with your Intention. But be sure to be very clear with your Intention. Once you've done this and programmed your crystal, it becomes an ally — part of the toolkit you use to create the life you want to live.

Before programming your crystal, it's important to cleanse it. Crystals attract and hold lots of different energies, so you'll want to start with a clean slate. A quick way to cleanse a crystal is to use the power of the moon or sun. Full moons are particularly powerful. Leave your crystal out overnight in moonlight, even more so during a full moon. Sunlight works to cleanse as well, so you can also leave a crystal in full sun for a day.

Other ways to cleanse include:

  • Placing your crystals in salt overnight

  • Misting in clean stream

  • Soaking in river or ocean water overnight

  • Smoke cleansing with sacred torches

  • Placing on top of another crystal, such as Selenite, overnight.

No matter how you do it, definitely do it before programming it with your Intention.

Once you've cleansed your crystal, get in touch with the energy of the stone. Our Intention necklace collection is curated to help you select crystals that coincide with what you're trying to manifest.

Sit with the necklace or specimen in your hands and get into a meditative state. For me these come after prayer or exercise, when my mind is relatively clear and calm. Everyone is different, so experiment with what works for you.

Once you feel tapped in, focus on your Intention. Mostly focus on the energy you feel when you feel completely aligned with that Intention. If it's love you are seeking, decipher what that feels like and literally imbue the crystal with that feeling. Imagine surrounding and penetrating the crystal with that specific feeling through your hands and mind.

Then, give your crystal a job. After connecting the crystal to your Intention energy, say out loud, "I program this crystal for _______________." Using the example of finding love, you could say, "I program this crystal for love manifestation." Repeat it three times, as three represents action.

After you've programmed your crystal, thank it for its service. Then, either put the necklace on, or if it's a specimen, place it somewhere special where you will see it and be reminded of its job and your Intention. If you're not wearing it, be sure to hold it in your hands on a regular basis and connect with its powerful energy. It's important to reconnect with the crystal on a regular basis to keep the energy flowing.

Enjoy your crystal magic, let us know how it goes! And as always, we're rooting for you!

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