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Channeling & Mediumship

Channeling is taking energy either life force energy or spirit energy and becoming a conduit so that energy can flow through you and messages can be delivered or healing can be relayed. A healer can take life force energy such as in Reiki Healing and help direct the energy to another person to help relieve chakra blockages or remove any negative energy that might be attached to a person’s aura.

When we encounter disruptions in our lives or experience trauma we can often have negative residuals that remain around our auras. Sometimes this energy can even cause blockages in one of our main 7-­‐chakra centers. You can think of this like an electrical cord plugged into a wall. If you take the cord and bend the cord you cut off the flow of electricity to power your lamp. A little bit of energy might get through but the lamp doesn’t run at optimum capacity because it is not receiving all of the energy it could potentially be receiving.

Our body is no different if we encounter a traumatic event, we can shut off or become blocked in the region impacted. If someone encounters an abusive or emotionally abusive relationship the heart chakra can become blocked or even closed so that the feelings and emotions are closed off. Although this is the defense mechanism of our physical being to cope with the event, the heart chakra being blocked can impact our ability to love and be loved in the future.

So as someone that channels during a reading, I might notice a block and ask if I can remove this for you. I can also do an energy scan and detect which chakras might be blocked and then proceed to do a chakra balancing healing.

Another form of channeling is when a psychic is able to channel their spirit guides or a loved one that has passed. I work primarily with four different guides, one of whom is my Gate Keeper to the spirit world and the other is my Master Teacher. Depending on what I am needing or working on in life depends on which guide I work with. My Gate Keeper however connects me to someone’s loved one and usually shows me whatever the spirit wants me to see. I might see symbols, color, see words, or hear them saying phrases. They might show me how they passed, their funeral, and what they do now to communicate with you.

The spirit might show me the physical appearance they have after passing, sometimes they want to be viewed as themselves when they were younger. Usually whatever they took pride in or a time in their life when they were proud, they embody in spirit. They work with me and my guides to help deliver messages to you about your life or any emotions they had that were unresolved.

There are three types of mediums:

Mental Mediumship: This form of mediumship allows the medium to use clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to become a Spirit Communicator for

someone that has passed. They are shown symbols, hear sounds, or even have a general sense of the appearance of spirit. They use their senses to communicate messages to the loved ones of someone that has passed.

Trance Mediumship: With this form of mediumship the medium enters into a light or deep trance that allows the Spirit Communicator to enter the aura of the medium without physically entering the body.

Physical Mediumship: This form of mediumship is perhaps the most rare. This is where the Spirit called the Spirit Operator uses the medium to interact and communicate on the physical plane. When the Spirit Operator withdrawals from the mediums body they often leave remnants called ectoplasm that can be apparent around the medium’s nose or mouth or near the navel.

-Love & Light

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