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Being Open to Your Spiritual Awakening

Going through your spiritual awakening does not mean that you will have instant peace and you will go through a period where you are instantly enlightened. The spiritual awakening is something that cannot really be described because it is so different for each person.

This is a journey that can take a lifetime to get to and it can bring you to a place where you can become something new and something exciting.

The spiritual awakening is a place where you can change the way that you look at life. You will see that your mind is changing and that you are able to see who your real self is. You will be able to look at your experiences and your thoughts and emotions and you will see that they are changing. You are just someone that is there to observe these things and you will need to change how they affect you.

The awakening that you have will help you to be more aware of things around you. It will help you to know who you are and to find out more about yourself. You will see things in a different perspective, and you will realize that you have to find out the truth about who you are. You will want to understand things more and you will want to embrace the world around you.

A person that goes through this stage in their life will often get rid of ideas that they have been taught their whole life. They will start to see things differently and they will want to experience new things. They will want to find out what makes them who they are and will want to explore the beliefs that they have kept hidden for so long. It will be up to you to find out if what you believe is your highest good.

When you begin to go through your awakening, you can see that you are responsible for healing your mind, body and soul and you should get rid of things that do not help you in your life.

People have been working for years to find their true awakening because this can help them in life and help them to know who they are. The awakening normally happens when you are going through something hard in life such as losing someone you love, getting your heart broken or some other major event. This can even come when you change jobs or move. Anything can cause your awakening to happen, and it can happen just because you are not happy with what your life has to offer you anymore.

How can you know when you are going through your awakening? There are different things that will happen to you to show you that you are experiencing your awakening. Here are some common things that happen to some people during their awakening:


People going through their awakening will start to question everything around them. They will open up their mind and they will ask themselves what they really believe. You will learn to see things differently and you will not let others decide what you think anymore.

The awakening will help you to be in charge of your own thoughts and it will no longer let people or society decide for you.


You will seek your higher purpose during this time, and you will want to know who you are. You will no longer do things just to be doing them, but you will make sure that you are fulfilling your life and the purpose that the universe has for you. You will want to see your needs met.

Signs and Synchronicities

Once you start to be awakened you will see that the universe is always giving you signs. You will see symbols and signs around you, and you will seek the meanings out.

There will be synchronicities that happen, and you will see things such as repetitive numbers or you will have coincidences happen to you that seem impossible. This will open your life up to different opportunities that you never had before.


You will start to see who you really are, and you will see that you have power in yourself. You will know that you have to be responsible for what you do and what you believe in, and you will have the power to change things that have held you back to this point.


Your emotions will change, and you will have different moods. This will cause you to know when you have to release something in your life, and you will start a healing journey. You will go through something that will feel hard and challenging but you will see that it is about coming to realize who you really are.

You will be happy later when you find out that you got rid of beliefs that were not helping you and when you were able to experience things to make your emotions stronger.


You will be more aware of what you want and what you need in your life. You will see what the world really has to offer you and you will face many challenges. You will understand how your relationships in your life are different than you thought and some you might have to leave.

You will see that you are connected to the universe and that you need to learn to understand things around you with your own thinking and not other people’s thoughts or feelings.


Your intuition will be stronger, and you will start to trust yourself more. You will have different gifts come to you such as the clair gifts and you will see that this is gifts that the universe has given you.

You will see that you have had these gifts forever, but you are just now discovering them and using them for your good.


You will begin to love others more and you will have compassion for them. You will want to see people healed and you will see that you care more about people than ever before. You will not want to see people suffer and you will be able to give unconditional love to people, even if you don’t know them.

Physical Symptoms

Your body will go through different symptoms when you go through your awakening such as being sensitive to light, not able to eat the same foods you ate before, you will be sensitive to different things such as soaps and detergents and maybe even food. You will go through things where you will be different and feel different for a time.


You will want to be closer to nature and animals because you will want to change your environment. You will seek out peace and you will feel responsible for Mother Gaia.

Social Times

You will not feel as connected to people as you felt before and this can make you feel lonely. You will not have the same relationships and you will change on who you want to be around you. You will have new ideas and new feelings and people that were in your life might not understand you.

You will have many challenges that you have to face but you need to not give up. You will also gain more understanding and you will see who you really are and who you are meant to be. You will have people in your life that will touch you with their love and compassion and you will be attracted to people that are going through their awakening as well.

You have to be loving and compassionate with yourself and give yourself a chance to work through things. Do not judge yourself or be angry with what is going on. The awakening will not make you better than anyone, but you will be on a different journey than others are.

More people are going through their awakening each day and it is important that you know what to expect in case it happens to you. Make sure that you look to the universe and that you manifest things in your life that will help you. Get rid of fear and embrace love. Find who you are and open up your heart and that is the best way that you can embrace your awakening.

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