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All You Need To Know About Crystal Healing

What Is Crystal Healing?

“Crystal healing is quite literal in its name,” notes Manji, the founder of Nightbreed Creations. “It is using the energy of crystals and their healing modalities in practice, both on yourself and for others.” To break it down on a more scientific level, Manji further explains, “A crystal is a solid structure, and it’s composed of repeated, symmetrical structures that make up the crystal on a molecular level—we call that the crystal lattice. So crystals are purely themselves, in that sense. The lattice structure is usually just one mineral. For example, quartz is purely silicon dioxide—that’s it. Its chemical purity, combined with a crystalline lattice structure, allows the crystal to carry a higher, energetic frequency.” Crystals are the vehicle by which we experience these high frequencies and energies.

Spiritual practitioner and healer Amber Finney of Amber the Alchemist notes that crystals’ frequencies directly correlate to certain chakras, making crystal healing an extremely useful healing method. “Crystals are great for people that want to get their feet wet in energetic healing, as you don’t have to do too much work to feel the calming vibrations. There are so many unique paths to take when connecting with crystals and their vibrations,” Finney reveals.

What Are The Benefits Of Turning To Crystals For Healing?

The last several months of the pandemic have undoubtedly led us into new wellness practices, whether it’s taking a few moments to meditate or actively unplugging from your phone during the evening. Now is the time to finally try those self-care rituals that seemed to fall to the bottom of your to-do list continuously. We are craving finding forms of healing that return to our natural practices and natural ways of being, with the mission to disconnect from the outside world and connect with your internal self. “As I meditated with the stone, holding them, I realized that they allowed me the ability actually to allow my brain to quiet; simultaneously, I also noticed that I was experiencing different sensations as I was holding different stones. Some clients may experience the benefit of a weight being lifted off of them, and other sessions can be very emotional because you are unearthing new things,” reveals Bell. “This time has allowed a lot of people to press pause, and that has made them more open to mindful practices. As a result of the crazy world right now and everything that is out of our control, people want to take ownership of their feelings and energy—it’s an empowering form of healing right now,” Bell states.

To gain the true benefits of crystal healing, Manji advises taking away the prescriptive element. A common health concern addressed in crystal healing is often fertility or hormonal imbalance. So rather than entering a session with a list of symptoms seeking an answer, crystal healing channels energies that help relax and ease the stresses, ultimately allowing your body to naturally understand itself and reveal the answer. Once you strip away those expectations, crystals can work to ground and balance, restore and energize, and purify and cleanse both the mind and body.

Beginner Crystals To Work With

“When you look at a crystal, you’re looking at a reflection of the divine mother, and that’s within you,” explains Manji. “It is beautiful and healing in itself to watch the person gravitate towards exactly what they need at that moment, and them picking it into a relaxed state and work with the [energy] of the crystal.” Understanding where to start in your crystal healing journey and finding the right crystal can be quite intimidating. Below, the experts reveal the best beginner crystals to acquaint yourself with.


“One crystal I wish I could bathe everyone in is rhodonite. This crystal has incredible heart-healing abilities and provides stabilization. It is such a potent crystal to be working with in these times, as it mimics the way our body heals our wounds on a physical level. So on an energetic level, it provides stability around anxiety and phobias to ultimately provide clarity—which we need right now,” says Manji.


“This is great to keep on you for protection from radiation, or you can even drop it in your water as a natural water purifier,” advises Manji.

Lapis & Labradorite

“These are my favorite crystals—they are both connecting to the third eye and crown chakra. That means they help us build our intuition and trust it. It’s also important to note that because crystals are connected to the chakras, certain colors represent different things. I have been gravitating toward blue and wearing lapis because it is connected to chakras throat, which is all about communication—whether that is communicating with others or your higher self and spiritual guides. Labradorite is helpful when you’re into mysticism and you want to kind of lift the veil and connect to the spiritual realm,” explains Finney.


“The most practical crystals are selenite because it’s light energy embodied in a crystal. Even if you just look at it, it exudes an amazing light. Its vibration is also extremely high, so it clears your aura. It’s one of those crystals that you don’t have to do much work with—all you have to do is keep it in your space or meditate with it to infuse light energy into your life and body,” states Finney.

“Selenite is kind of like the master healer,” reveals Condorousis. “For instance, If you are experiencing a migraine, you can lie down and just put the selenite on you—it doesn’t matter if it’s your head or your chest—and it will just balance you out.”

Ocean Jasper

“This is a joy piece,” explains Finney. “I keep it in my living room or at my desk because it constantly reminds you to prioritize your joy and lean into those happy moments,” she adds.

Smoky Quartz

“I use this crystal in my meditation practice, as it is very grounding. I find that if you want to meditate but feel hindered by mental chatter, quartz helps aid in silencing that noise. It helps you acknowledge the thoughts, but allows them to pass by so you don’t become completely immersed in your thoughts while meditating,” explains Finney.

Tourmaline & Obsidian

“I always use a combination of crystals—use a grounding crystal, like tourmaline or obsidian, to anchor the energy. Once I sense that my clients are rooted and anchored, I can bring up their vibration safely. So the darker the crystals, the more they tend to ground the energy and absorb any negative energy,” states Condorousis.

Rose & Clear Quartz

“I am drawn to rose quartz because it deals with the heart chakra. All my healing is through unconditional love, universal love, and one love,” explains Condorousis.

How To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Routine

“To connect with the crystal, I recommend just sitting down, closing your eyes, and putting the crystal in your hand and holding it, and intuitively seeing what you feel. Crystal vibrations are very powerful. Take away any stigma or language, and pay attention to the pulsating feel—almost like a heartbeat. It will be easier for you to connect with it. And ask yourself, how does it make you feel? Does it bring you ease? Is the vibration too powerful? Is it pulsating too much to the point where it’s giving you anxiety? It is an intuitive practice,” advises Finney. Aside from meditating, crystals can be held anytime throughout the day; Bell advises if you are feeling low energy in the afternoon, rather than going for a cup of coffee, try an energizing crystal and refocus your intention there.

Incorporating the healing energies of crystals may be as simple as integrating them into your home. Bell advises, “Energetic properties of stones is all about how one’s energy resonates with the stones. In spaces, you want to balance the energy. The ways that we bring them into the spaces can often be functional items, such as lighting, decoratively—in bowls and dishes or candle holders—or in places where they aren’t always on display, like closets or in planters. They don’t always have to be at the forefront of a space to still benefit from the energetic effects.” When crystals are in your space, they act as visual cues and reminders. For instance, if you see a crystal passing by your coffee table, that can remind you to take a deep breath.

“I think often people are intimidated because they have a perception that crystal healing has to be difficult or that they think that it has to be done in a certain way, but there are so many different ways in which you can integrate them into your lifestyle,” says Bell. “And even if you just admire the beauty, that’s automatically creating an emotional response—and that is a positive thing. The crystals will do the work, even if you don’t understand it.”

Crystal Care: Cleansing & Charging

Crystal healing is a sacred practice, and one that should always be kept sacred. “The first thing to do when you receive a crystal is to cleanse it,” advises Finney. “At first, you may not seem to resonate with the crystal, and that is because they are not cleaned, or they are not charged—this means that any person that has previously come into contact with that stone, their vibrations and energies are within that crystal, not the crystal’s pure energy,” she adds. “You can cleanse it through salt, as salt is a purifying agent. This is why we take salt baths, to release toxins from our bodies. You can also clean it with sacred smokes, whether that be palo santo or cedar,” Finney states. There are various ways to clean your crystals, but you want to be mindful of the mineral’s makeup and react to the cleansing modalities.

Like cleansing, charging crystals is another way to revive and restore the stone. Crystals receive charge through solar energy, lunar energy, or placing it back into the earth by burying it.

Crystal healing is a cathartic practice that relies on intuition as its medicine. Whether a spiritual healer is guiding you or you are healing from home, there is no right or wrong for the abundant healing properties of a crystal.

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