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A Psychic Reading For Money

I often have people come to me for a psychic reading about their finances, I generally find that once one person has enquired, I get several others coming in. It seems to be seasonable when they come in and they have reached a crisis in their lives. There is a spiritual side to your financial situation and that is something that is worth knowing.

You must ask the angels to help you and this is done through prayer or the thought processes. There are some angels who can help you immediately by bringing you some cash that you need for something specific. There are angels of protection who keep you from being thrown into debt and people pursuing you for money.

You may find it hard to associate the spiritual side of your life with your money side, however, this is an important aid to living our lives. We don’t have to hunt and kill animals for food, we have the money to buy healthier alternatives. They may not necessarily help you to win the lottery, but they will look at the bigger picture of your needs and respond accordingly.

Their main purpose is to help you though a safe evolvement in this life and to bring to you what you need for that. They want you to grow and gain knowledge and to work with the challenges that life throws up. They want you to thrive and grow and be an outstanding spiritual warrior.

The angels bring you what you need rather than what you desire and they may bring it to you in ways you never imagined. There are some things they would bring you immediately and others that you would have to wait some time to manifest. There is no point in them helping you to win the lottery if it is not going to be good for your soul’s evolvement.

Money is the catalyst to improving your life and to striving for the things that you want in life. Whatever happens in your financial situation will help you to grow and understand yourself. It is when you are desperate that you will do things like praying to the angels and so your belief system will improve.

The angel that can bring you money immediately is Azazel and he knows when you need him. There are other famous angels that can work on ways to fill your pockets and turn your life around. You have Angel Barachiel who makes sure that you don’t starve and brings you food.

You may feel unloved while you are going through a financial crisis and angel Chamuel is the angel you want to call upon for your wellbeing. You also need to take charge of your life and your finances and Angel Gabriel can bring you the wisdom that you need. There is Angel Gagiel who is the angel of the water and symbolizes faith and prosperity.

If you are in business, you could have enemies and you may not know that they are wishing you harm. You do need psychic protection from Archangel Michael so that you can ward off negative energy. I cannot underestimate the power of others over you when you have done well in business. You could find that Angel Harut protects you from the witchcraft of business rivals.

If you want to get out of a financial rut and you don’t really know what to do and you need a creative angel who has your back, Angel Israfel can help you to restore your financial status to when it was once lucrative. Jhudiel is the angel that will be with you when you work in positions of responsibility.

Angel Jophiel is the angel that can bring in the light to you and give you clarity so that you can see where you need to make changes. You may have made some bad business decisions and the best angel to help you with that is Angel Malik, who will protect you from making wrong investments.

If you need to get your affairs in order and your accounts up to date so that you can see what is going on. Angel Metatron is the angel to help you with getting organized and your finances in order. Hopefully you won’t need Angel Raphiel who works with sufferers and the poor. This is the angel to help you with your health situation as if they are tweaking your spiritual medication here and there.

You would need peace in your life after such a challenging time and I can see that Angel Uriel is the angel for peace of mind. You can just pray to that angel and also Zadikel who will bring joy in to your life. If you have any legal problems then he stands for justice and you will get a good outcome.

Love and Light,

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