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6 Steps To Manifesting Your Dream Vacation

Do you want to manifest the vacation of your dreams? Follow these 6 steps to manifest your dream vacation now.

Manifestation can be used to attract all kinds of things including trips and vacations.

When you raise your energy and achieve vibrational alignment with the feeling of what you want, everything you desire will flow to you effortlessly.

Step 1: Make a travel mood board

It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical vision board or digital, just be specific about where you want to go. This is YOUR adventure.

Dreaming of the snow-capped Swiss Alps or the Canadian Rockies? Set up a mountain inspo album on your phone. Got the buzzing cities of Japan on your mind? Make Tokyo your lock screen. Drop into the mazes of Venice on Google Street View. Save inspirational quotes about travelling. Fire up Duolingo and start learning the language. You get the idea – where do you really want to be?

Step 2: Imagine yourself there

You’re watching the sunrise glow over the Taj Mahal on our Delve Deep: Northern India trip. What can you touch, hear and smell? How does it feel? Use the methods of meditation and mindfulness to clear your head of the daily grind and immerse yourself in that moment. It’s good for the soul.

Step 3: Work towards your goal

It would be pretty sweet if repeating a mantra or writing down travel dreams for 33 days really made them happen. But in our hearts we know that life goals are only reached if there’s action to back them up. We rec you make a savings target – it’s a concrete way to turn plans into realities.

Step 4: Find a friend who shares your travel dream

Spent the last few years talking dream destinations with a mate? It’s great to share bucket lists, and it means more of that positive energy that manifesting is all about. Plus – now someone else knows your savings goal. Friends don’t let friends spend all their money on ASOS.

Thinking of travelling solo? Topdeck trips = real connections with people. Your tripmates have all the positive vibes you’ll need – you’re living the same dream, after all.

Step 5: Lock in the dates

Crack out the Sharpies and stick the trip in your wall calendar. Input the data on your iPhone. Fax the deets to your nan. And DW if Covid affects your plans – Topdeck bookings are extra-flexible, so no drama.

Show the universe you’re not messing around. This. Is. Happening.

Step 6: Book your tickets

It’s not gonna work otherwise. Don’t delay – the universe waits for no (wo)man.

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