Psychics Secrets Refund Policy 

Psychics Secrets does its best to provide the best service you can get in the field of psychics, with this you may not be satisfied with the service you receive from us and we accept it.

If you are a customer of Mysticsense and you are unhappy with your last paid psychic reading, we will be happy to give you the time back to talk to another psychic in accordance with the following rules:



Time-Back =Partial Refund remember time is not banked it's paid- as you -go.


1. We like to treat every dissatisfaction accordingly, Contact us and have your call reviewed, Psychics secrets reserves the right to deny a refund 
2. You must request your refund within 48 hours.

3. The time will only be refunded for your last paid psychic reading, up to 10 minutes. (The meaning is, that if you did another session with another psychic after the session you are asking a refund for, we will not accept it.)

4. The refunded money usually appears back in your account with in 3 -5 business days depending on your bank. 

5. Upon requesting and receiving up to 10 minutes of your time back, you may not make another request for a time back with the same psychic advisor.
6. A customer can ask for up to 1 time-back request each month, and this only in case he has at least 2 other successful sessions (a total of 3 this month).
-A customer can ask for a total of 5 time-back requests in all his subscribed period.

-If this is your first session ever at Psychics Secrets we will not ask for 2 more successful sessions this month.
-The time back can only be asked one time per psychic advisor.

7. Your Psychics Secrets  account must be in good standing to request and receive your time back.

8. Psychics Secrets  reserves the right to refuse any request for a refund or partial refund.





Please note that Psychics Secrets reserves the right to prevent you from using the service in the future.

Psychics Secrets  reserve the right to close any account w/ or w/o notice following a review if the customer is found violating user terms.

Threatening to contact a bank or dispute the charges as unauthorized to recover the money deposited and used in the reading.

Sharing contact details with the psychic reader and paying psychic outside of the platform.

Not respecting psychics or prejudices on the basis of race, accent or grammar. If you think your case is different and would like us to personally examine your case, please contact us.

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