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Pendulum Readings 

What is a Psychic Pendulum Reading?

During a Psychic Pendulum Reading, a psychic incorporates the use of a pendulum as a tool to gain divine guidance from Spirit. Pendulum Psychic readings are extremely accurate and offer fast answers to help you make decisions about anything you are struggling with in your life. Both Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein were known to use pendulums, believing their function and accuracy centered on electromagnetism and the unseen energies around us.

What can a Pendulum Psychic Reading tell me?

You can consult a pendulum to help you sort out answers to just about anything: questions regarding your destiny and life path, your relationships, your career situation, personal development goals, future predictions, and beyond. Pendulums also have a history of being used for dowsing to find lost objects, water, highly sought after minerals in the earth, among other things. Of course, the tool must be used correctly. This is why getting a reading with a psychic who specializes in this divination technique is the best way to accurately receive useful messages from the Universe. Most questions asked when consulting a pendulum have Yes or No answers, but some work with pendulum charts in their readings and these can provide a variety of options for your unique situation that the pendulum can then respond to in a more refined way.

How to use a pendulum

After you’ve used your intuition to pick out the pendulum that’s perfect for you, you’re ready to consult the tool for guidance. These are Patel’s pro-approved tips for actually using it.

1. Cleanse: As with crystals, pendulums need cleansing too. “Cleanse the pendulum with sage, outside under a full moon, soaking it in sea salt if the material or crystal is water and salt friendly, or simply by holding it under cold tap water.


2. Prepare your mind and energy: “It’s key to learn what is ‘yes’ and what is ‘no,'


3. Start with what you know: To get the pendulum going, ask questions you already know the answer to. “For example, ask if your name is what your name is, and ‘do I live in [insert city],'” 


4.Remain open: Using a pendulum is all about being at ease. “Just like when you are going through a meditation, try to simply allow the pendulum to communicate freely with you,” 

Pendulum Reading: Unlocking The Hidden Pendulum Potentials & Enabling You To Heal And Find Answers To Live A Content Life

A pendulum is a unique object made from just about anything. This is frequently made of crystals, wood, stones, and objects of different structures. The bottom side of the pendulum is a flat or rounded surface used to help a psychic pendulum reader meditate when they are using it.

Pendulum reading can assist you in aligning your chakras and help you calm your energy. Our skilled pendulum reading psychics use its energy for healing purposes and to get rid of blockages in your mystical being.

Our pendulum reading psychics have decades of experience in spiritual pendulum reading. They will thoroughly help your body, mind, and soul enabling them to heal by helping you find the blockages in your body.

Spiritual pendulum is a unique spiritual tool of divination that can be utilized to heal your inner self and help you purify your body of any blockages that are hurting you or keeping you behind.

Our pendulum reading psychics also use this unique tool to answer questions and guide you to use the energy surrounding you and understand the vibrations around you to get answers.

Harness The Power Of The Pendulum With Our Psychic Pendulum Reading Sessions.  

Imagine if you could unlock the true hidden potentials in you with a simple pendulum. It indeed sounds easy! Psychic pendulum reading is an in-depth study. Our pendulum reading specialists have the knowledge and expertise to truly unleash the power of your higher self and spiritual consciousness. These incredible in-depth studies and unique techniques have been used for hundreds of years and are still very much used today for many benefits.

Psychics also use spiritual pendulums for chakra cleansing; they start by placing the pendulum on each chakra. This eventually helps psychics identify if there are any blockages in your chakras. They begin at the top of the head where the top chakra is and then work down. For accurate pendulum reading, psychics make sure to hold a few inches above your chakras and let the pendulum move in a specific direction to show the path of obstructions.

Now you too can get a reading with a pendulum reading psychic who specializes in these divination techniques that will not only cleanse your body and soul but also let your inner self heal in the most delightful ways!

Get Your Yes & No Questions Answered With a Pendulum Reading